National Soup Month

  January is National Soup Month.  This is great for those of us who are trying to eat healthier this year, especially those of us who live where January is typically cold and snowy. Soup is a good way to start on the path to healthier eating.  But remember not all soups are created equal.Continue reading “National Soup Month”

Making the Holidays about More than Food

  It often seems everywhere you look during the holidays there is food.  Unfortunately it is often not food that is friendly to those watching what we eat no matter the reason.  You can go through the holidays feeling depressed and angry because of what you can no longer eat or you can come toContinue reading “Making the Holidays about More than Food”

“As We Get Older”

As a person rapidly approaching 60 I believe the biggest obstacles we face as we grow older are the negative perceptions surrounding age and aging.  I live in an area that is a popular place to retire.  Popular topics of conversation include ailments, procedures and how bad it is to get old.  The most popular areaContinue reading ““As We Get Older””

Be Still

We live in a world where it can be extremely difficult to be still.  Every minute of the day we are being bombarded with external stimuli and constant messages to do more and be more.      I am blessed with being extremely sensitive to sensory stimuli.  No, it doesn’t always feel like a blessing when I am going intoContinue reading “Be Still”

Follow the Breath

Breathe in…   breath out.  Isn’t it amazing how this simple act provides life giving oxygen to the entire body? How many times do we do this without even noticing? Unless you have a medical condition that makes breathing difficult you may even take this for granted. I finally learned how to breathe in my forties. Continue reading “Follow the Breath”

Almonds: A Healthy, Naturally Gluten Free Snack

When you live with food restrictions it doesn’t take many times being caught away from home without something you can eat to learn you need to carry at least a snack.  There are gluten free “nutrition bars” available now, but I prefer to turn to Mother Nature for my snacks. One of my favorites isContinue reading “Almonds: A Healthy, Naturally Gluten Free Snack”

Living a Balanced LIfe With (or without) Celiac Disease

In honor of Celiac Disease Awareness Day I want to talk about living a balanced life. It is not easy living a balanced life in a world that seems to thrive on chaos, especially with chronic illness or food restrictions. But it is possible. Please remember… 1. You are more than just a body. MindContinue reading “Living a Balanced LIfe With (or without) Celiac Disease”