Living a Balanced LIfe With (or without) Celiac Disease

In honor of Celiac Disease Awareness Day I want to talk about living a balanced life. It is not easy living a balanced life in a world that seems to thrive on chaos, especially with chronic illness or food restrictions. But it is possible. Please remember…

1. You are more than just a body. Mind and spirit also need attention.

2. It’s not what happens to us, but how we think and react that counts.

3. Attitudes are contagious. Surround yourself with positive people.

4. Your support group should support you in living the best, healthiest life possible. If the talk is always about sickness, look for a new group.

5. Food is the fuel that keeps our bodies running, but there is more to life.

6. Take time to learn how to live, eat and cook gluten free, then start applying what you learn and get on with life.

7. Fear can serve as a warning to avoid danger, but don’t live there.

8. Eat the healthiest, freshest foods you can eat. Don’t let food restrictions be an excuse to eat junk food.

9. Take time out for rest, relaxation and reflection.

10. Exercise, move your body, but remember this is just part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

Don’t let any disease or food intolerance be an excuse for living a life that is out of balance and out of control. A healthy, balanced lifestyle is an important part of life.

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