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Our online presence started with Espirational:  A 10 Minute Vacation for the soul, because we needed a break from the world.  Don’t you get a little world weary too?

But long before we were Espirational there was Eternal Truth Ministries, where it all began.

E.T.M. Publishing’s Story

Now Espirational Truth Ministries has been around for over 30 years. It started out as a private spiritual research and teaching ministry by Bob which he called “Eternal Truth Ministries.” His main purpose was to determine how best to understand the parabolic/allegorical language of the scriptures specifically found in the Hebrew/Christian faiths. While this has never been a formal organization or a church, Bob taught his theory to several very interested students who, while in the private studies with Bob, helped him discover many of the definitions of the biblical prophetic language. These students ranged from homemakers to teachers, a pastor, university professors and other people with various backgrounds.

None of these former students are known to be following the Robbins’ efforts today, but Genie has almost 2000 followers on her Espirational blog and the numbers are steadily growing. The goal? We have only one. To spread the “Good News” that there is a God and that he is as far as anyone can see as well as within our very beings. We need never to feel alone.

Who is Rogene Robbins?

Rogene (Genie) enjoys using her creativity to make daily life healthier, easier and more fun. She is an:
  • Artist.
  • Gluten-free Healthy Eating Home Cook/Recipe Developer.
  • Student of Positive Thinking and Spirituality.
  • Co-Director of Espirational.
  • Author of the the Original Espirational and Espirational Truth Blogs and several books as listed below.
Rogene’s Books      

Genie in Her Own Words

Who is Robert Robbins?
  • Religious Researcher, specializing in prophetic language of the Christian scriptures
  • Co-Director of Espirational Truth Ministries.
  • Trained Counselor
  • Author of the Espirational Faith blog where the comments get heavier and oft more intense. He also has books published as listed below.
Bob’s Books 
     (Volumes 1 & 2 of Revealed are available in one book now at Kindle. Click here for more info.)

Bob’s Story

As a child Bob, then called “Owen” which was his given middle name and preferred by his family, was considered unusual. A loner. A person who seemed happier being left alone than running around with others. Bob was raised in a family who had lost their farm home due to a fire and was forced to move to Kansas City for survival income. His father was a truck driver for a small trucking company making local deliveries to businesses there. Mom stayed at home to care for him and to keep the home in order for the five members of her family as was common in the 1940’s. Nightly Bob would hear scriptures read by one of his older siblings and the family discussions of what those scriptures meant and how to best apply them to daily life.

While he had a very spiritual upbringing, his parents chose not to attend any church due to personal reasons, concerning past issues they had with churches, and a somewhat minor conflict they had between them concerning how they interpreted spirituality. It was Bob’s grandmother who tied the knowledge of the spirit together for him. When Bob went to college he had his first real experience with the Protestant/Catholic world. He found it to be sadly divided and conflicted with a multitude of denominations, each claiming special rights with their kinship to Christ. This conflict Bob saw as a “devilish” work of darkness dividing the house of God against itself, but later he would realize that it was perhaps a necessary phase of the church’s development as she passed on toward greater unity between the various denominations.

But this interdenominational conflict caused Bob to be wary of being a member of any church. While he did attempt membership in a few churches, it would never last long. But he did stay with the Southern Baptist denomination long enough to obtain a license to preach as a lay-minister. He gave up this license, however, due to their emphasis on the Old Testament historical background of faith and their teachings about Jesus instead of teaching the faith of Jesus and how he applied it.

As he started going from church to church, Bob quickly realized that the churches had truly developed their own worlds. Each denomination had its own culture, educational systems, approved theology, government and language. Oh, some words used between them were similar, like salvation, crucifixion, resurrection and that’s what held them together in a loose, informal way. They had a similar faith of believing that Jesus is the Christ, the son of God, who was crucified and resurrected and taken into heaven; but they did not agree on many issues beyond those points.

The arguments Bob heard between these church people, the name calling they proclaimed, seemed unbelievable to him. No wonder the unbeliever turns away from the churches, he thought. They need a common language. People would often joke with Bob who were not strong believers, or who did not believe at all that they did not understand much of what was being said from the pulpit. “I’m lost? I don’t feel lost. I know right where I’m at,” or “Don’t anger this man of God. He may not believe in an eternal hell, but he may make you wish there were one to go to if you try to curse (at) him.”

However, before even graduating from a state university with a Bachelor of Science degree in Personnel Management Bob found himself, through prayer and faith, putting together a glossary of spiritual words. First the words he was hearing in the churches, were widely conflicting in their meanings. They seemed only to lead to more confusion as he tried to assemble order from them. However, after about five years of persistence in prayer and study the Spirit revealed the key to Bob’s question. The answer to the language of the Kingdom of God did not lay in the churches, for they had divided that knowledge up among themselves through the centuries of conflict. This conflict had lead from an established denomination to a division forming a new one denomination for centuries. This all started with the formation of the Greek Orthodox Church, then Martin Luther years later who could be said to be the father of Protestantism who set the precedent of church member rebellion in the name of Christ to the point of how currently if a small group of people do not agree with a parent church they simply form a new one. Bob did not agree with what he was finding in the established churches, but he most certainly did not want to form a new one.

So Bob started searching the Hebrew/Christian Bible for spiritual words and what they meant,  assembling them into a glossary.  He found that it was easiest to use the prophecies of the Bible, specifically the book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ to St. John, to delve into the Scriptures and learn what the prophet’s themselves said those words meant. During this time Bob taught his theory to a few people, some of whom spent many hours helping Bob do his research. After over ten years of intensive research most of the allegorical terms of The Revelation had been interpreted from the Bible and Bob set out to make this “dictionary” available to the world. Quickly, however, he realized that his work was only partially done. Just having definitions to these words did not necessarily make The Revelation easier to read or use. To comprehend the prophecies there was another step which had to be taken. So Bob spent several more years correlating what he had found interpreted from the prophetic language of The Revelation with what he could find in the history books.

The relationship between prophecy and history which Bob has found is nothing less that remarkable.  He wrote an extensive commentary about the prophetic language and the historical predictions which were given by the Apostle John. This set of books is available in this site’s bookstore found in the Espirational Gallery. Much more than prophecy was discovered in the scriptural studies Bob completed while building the Prophet’s Dictionary and he is planning to write more books concerning some of the universal teachings he has discovered about lifestyle and communion with our Creator during the next few years. The book currently being introduced on the Kindle book market is called A Maintenance Manuel for the Soul which is an introduction to how live a long life filled with health, joy and peace can be possible. This book not only is based upon the Hebrew/Christian Bible, but Bob and Genie have shown how many of the other religions teach similar methods of how to live a righteous lifestyle.

After Bob met Genie in 1991 and they joined together in marriage that same year, a solid relationship formed and after several years it became obvious to them that it was time to make these teachings available to the citizens of this world. Thus is the reason for this Website.



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