About Us

So who are we?

If you are new here let us introduce ourselves.

We are Bob and Genie Robbins. We began emailing positive quotes to each other during a difficult time in our lives.  Bob started passing these emails on to others and soon Espirational was born which became an outreach of Espirational Truth Ministries begun by Bob over 30 years ago as “Eternal Truth Ministries” to study the parabolic/allegorical language of the Christian/Hebraic scriptures.

Genie is an artist, writer and student of positive thinking and spirituality who enjoys using her creativity to make daily life healthier, easier and more fun. She has been living gluten free for over 10 years. and cooks and develops recipes for healthy home cooked, gluten free, dairy free, salt free, egg free and low fat meals. Her books are available from Amazon.

Bob is a Religious Researcher, specializing in the prophetic language of the Christian scriptures, Co-Director of Espirational Truth Ministries along with Genie, and Trained Counselor. He is the author of A Maintenance Manual for the Soul; The Revelation of Jesus Christ — REVEALED:  Literal Authorized Version; Revealed — Prophetic Language:  The Prophet’s Dictionary, What the Righteous Desire to See:  The Revelation of Jesus Christ to St. John, the literal Authorized Version. His books as well as his Truth Lessons are available to read free of charge in our Free Library.

You Can Help Spread our Positive Message

  • Follow Espirational.com. Have inspirational reminders sent to you weekly.
  • Tell others about how Espirational is, indeed, inspirational to you.
  • Leave positive comments. These are so encouraging to us.
  • Come with us as we discover how our Creator intended this planet to be one of living proof of His existence and invite you friends and family to come with you.

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Please check out the important information (legal stuff) at these links.

Terms of Use

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Our new weekly spiritual guidance ideas will be posted on Sundays and will generally be a quotation.  But you never know, we might pop in once in a while with a few words of our own or some of Genie’s art as a little extra treat, or something else.
You can still get daily inspiration if you wish.  Come to our home page and browse past posts to use the search engine any time.  The search engine appears on every page.  You may also want to come and read Bob’s books which are available here free of charge.  You could even take a topic tour of your choice and make it a daily study by using our search capabilities. For instance, by simply placing the word “peace” in the search engine it comes up with a multitude of quotations and other ideas of how to help build world peace by allowing peace to live within you from our collection of over 2000 quotations of positive spiritual thoughts.
We are open to adding pages for study guides and research tools if you show interest. But we do need you to let us know you want and need them.  We are here to serve but we need to know what you need, want, and will use.  The best way to tell us is in the comment area.  We look forward to hearing from you.

5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Kudos to you for “spreading the ‘Good News’ that there is a God and that He is as far as anyone can see as well as within our very beings. We need never to feel alone…” the world needs this message and God more than ever right now. Thank you for your committed efforts! 🙂 Warm wishes to you —

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    1. Thank you writegardener for your wonderful comment. It is the comments here and on our blog “soul vacation” posts that encourage us to keep this site going. We love and enjoy our readers. This site is for all of you.
      — Bob

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