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We started Espirational:  A 10 Minute Vacation for the soul, because we needed a break from the world.  Don’t you get a little world-weary too?  That’s why we’re here, to provide positive inspiration for daily living.


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We have only just begun.

Come with us as we discover how our Creator intended this planet to be one of living proof of His existence.

In fact, we hope you’ll tell your friends and families to come to visit our site because…

“It’s Espirational!”


Disclaimer Note: We place positive and spiritual quotations on this blog on a daily basis to attempt to help all our readers have a chance to take a brief moment to contemplate on their purpose and pleasures of simply being. These quotations come from various people, places, times, and religious/spiritual backgrounds. While we desire to first and foremost present to you the message and truth of light, sometimes the best messages of truth come from the most unexpected of places. Sometimes even from the midst of darkness. We do not make judgments of source, but of the message; thus the fact that a certain person may have a reputation of either currently or sometime in the past being involved in a practice or message of darkness may not be considered as cause for exclusion for quote being excluded from this collection of encouraging words. The reader, therefore, who is seeking light is encouraged to seek that light wherever it shines and not judge one as evil because they, too, have been or are seekers of light themselves. The words you read here may simply be a spark of that light they found as they sought.


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