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Have a few minutes to tour our gallery and see Genie’s creative work?

Fabric Art — Culinary WorksArticle and Book Writing — and More

Nothing sold here. Just a chance to view Genie’s art and to know her better.

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We’re still working on this page, so a lot of work is still needed on it. Sorry for the dust. But you’re still welcome to look at the pictures and whatever else we’ve completed. Enjoy.

(Genie, put title and descriptor paragraph here. Ask if you have questions on how to use program.)

Rocky Mountain Skyline

Shootout at the Snow Day Coral

The Fire

We All Live in a . . . .

Nobody Knew

Birds of Heaven

Driving to Denver

Crazy #1

Crazy #2

Quality Inspector, Hershey Cat

Over the Mountains

Yellow Submarine

Necktie Quilt

Out of the Box


Secret Place

Victorian Heart

Walk in the Park

Hey — There’s More to See. . .

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