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Genie is a wonderful writer. She’s the one who does the research for this cite’s blog — “The Soul’s Daily Vacation” you get just by following us on Word Press. There are over 2000 quotes in our archives now due to her efforts. If you have something you are needing help with, put it in our subject search box, found in the footer and most likely we can find a positive quote for you.



The cookbooks Genie has written are timeless and still on the booklist available for sale there. If you want one or all for your collection you can get them there. If you are a member of Kindle Unlimited you may read and use them free.

Frozen Fun is great for those with milk/lactose sensitivities. Ice-cream without the cream, and it’s delicious.

Have Yourself a Healthy Little Holiday tells the story of our trek into the brave new world of eating the gluten-free way. What an adventure.

The Gluten-Free Good Life is where Genie tells how she has woven a wonderfully delicious gluten-free menu into a healthy lifestyle. More recipes, both converted traditional and comfort foods and new ones Genie created herself.

Creating a Successful Craft Business was also written by Rogene (Genie) and Robert (Bob) Robbins a few years ago. It was published by Allworth (now Skyhorse), New York publishers. It is now out-of-print but is still available from We have not gone through the updating process.


We will be auditing our records and finding some of Genie’s more notable shorter articles and placing them here for your use and pleasure. But that takes time you know.

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