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Out ‘a Here!

True sized picnic blanket and all the fixin’s — Well sort ‘a. But look at the size of those ants!

Hand sewn, 3-Dimensional fabric fun art made by Genie Robbins.

Now this is a picnic which could make even the strongest outdoorsman hesitate.

Bandana Apron

Hey, that’s me wearing that BBQ apron. And I actually helped Genie design it. Really quite simple and we have a pattern sheet available as a “thank you” for a donation. Just contact us for how to get your pattern copy.

Angels – Angels

Every year, during the celebration of light season between Thanksgiving and the New Year’s Day (in the U.S.), Genie dedicates time to making and giving away some of her creative and hand-made angels to help remind people of who they, and we, truly are. In fact she is in the process of making some of these angels throughout the year when she needs a lift herself. Below are a few examples.

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