127 Positive rEsources

Note from Genie:  I continue to add to this list as I have time.  Please take a minute to see what is new since you were last here.


Positive thinking and healthy living do not come automatically to most people.   As with learning any new skill it takes practice.   There are also resources and tools that can help.  These are a few of our favorites.  The links will open in a new window.

Please let me know if you find any broken links.



#1 The Advent Project — A daily devotional series celebrating the Advent season through art and Scripture.

#2 Advent Resources — From the Episcopal Church Foundation

#3 Lift Your Light High — A Reading for an Advent Candlelight Service from Reformed Worship Magazine

#4 Light up Your Advent — Resources from U.S. Catholic Magazine.

#5 The Love and Light of Christmas –Advent booklet from Unity.

#6 Science of Mind and Christmas — Rev. Dr. Barbara Waterhouse “explores the concept of the Christ Consciousness as we embrace this mystical time of year.” (video).


#7 Creative Affirmations – Affirmations to help live the best you.

#8 Daily Positive Affirmations – A free positive affirmation every day.

#9 Everyday Affirmations – Daily positive affirmations.

#10 Psalms and Affirmations – Affirmations from the book of Psalms.

#11 5 Vital Affirmations – Using positive affirmations for change.

#12 True Affirmations  – Weekly affirmations by e-mail to help change your reality by changing how you think.


#13 Celebrate Chanukah — Information from Chabad.org

# 14 Chanukah — Information from Hebcal.com a free Jewish calendar and holiday website


#15 Charter for CompassionJoin to make compassion a clear, luminous and dynamic force in our polarized world.

#16 Compassion it.  – Turning compassion into a verb – an action.


#17 Abbey of the Arts – Virtual monastery with resources to integrate contemplative practice and creative expression.

#18 Creative Life  – Artist’s mastermind group with monthly stories by 8 developing artists.

#19 Creativity for Life  – Designed to help people learn about creativity.

#20 Creativity Portal  – Creative inspiration and celebration of creative gifts.

#21 Julia Cameron Live – Official website of the author of The Artist’s Way.  Be sure to check out the blog.

#22 Living a Creative Life with Melissa Dinwiddie – Inspiration for living a full color creative life.


#23 Alive Now – Magazine for people who are hungry for a sacred way of living.  Sign up for daily reflections.

#24 Daily Good Promotes positive, uplifting news around the world.

#25 Dream This Day  – Daily inspiration and quotes from Johnathan Lockwood Huie.

#26 The Daily Motivator – Daily motivation and inspiration written by Ralph Marston.

#27 The Daily WordInspiration for each day from Unity.

#28 Sacred Space –  A place for prayer with daily scripture and “on-screen guidance.”

#29 tobiehewitt Daily inspiration for living a spirited life.


#30 Goodfinding — Daily positive affirmations.

#31 Henri Nouwen Society Daily meditation Emails from Henri Nouwen’s Bread for the Journey: A Daybook of Wisdom and Faith (Harper Collins,1997).

#32 Present Moment Reminders – A short email each week with a quotation by Eckhart Tolle.

#33 Notes from the Universe  – Sign up for brief, personalized Notes from The Universe. This is a tool I use and find helpful.

#34 Thought for Today – Daily positive email.



#35 1000 Awesome Things – Isn’t this just well… awesome?

#36 Annette Rochelle Aben – Writer who also offers her services as a guide, mentor and muse.

#37 Cast Light – We have the choice to “cast light” instead of shadows.

#38 Eddie Two HawksLove Eddie’s blog — words of wisdom and beautiful photos.

#39 Find Your Middle Ground  – Finding balance in life.

#40 Joy Returns  –  Stories of Michelle’s adventure through grief.

#41 Jump for Joy! Photo Project – Fun pictures of people “jumping for joy” will make you smile.

#42 Lifesjourney A path to self-awareness and peace.

#43 ME and the Boss – Beautiful photos with inspiring quotes and writing.

#44 Our Souls Purpose – Gratitude, forgiveness & unconditional love can transform our life if we let it.

#45 Ramblings of the Claury – Pictures, poetry and inspirational ramblings.

#46 Sacred Touches – Beautiful blog of quotes, thoughts and photos.

#47 The Cathie Barash Blog Relationship author and coach helping others make a difference in their lives.

#48 Think Positive 30  – 30 positive thoughts in 30 days. Yes it can be done, give it a try.

#49 Tuesdays with LaurieCombining beautiful word pictures and photography in inspiring and thought provoking blog posts.

#50 Two-Minute Tune-UpQuick inspiration with Pam Boyd.

#51 Ute Smile – Love this fun and inspiring blog. Occasionally there’s even dancing.


#52 Action for Happiness — A movement of people committed to building a happier and more caring society.

#53 Happierhttps://www.happier.com

#54 Happify —  A fun way to learn the skills that create a richer, fuller life.


#54 All Things Healing – Online healing community.

#55 Pub Med – A good place to start online for medical research. This gives you access to MEDLINE, journals and online books.

#56 Dr. Weil.com – This is where we often start when looking for information on Integrative Medicine and healthy living.

#57 National Center for Complimentary and Integrative Health  – Information about complementary health products and practices.

#58 Nutrition.gov – Gateway site to information from the federal government on nutrition , healthy eating, physical activity, and food safety for consumers.

#59 The International Center for Reiki Training – Offers extensive information on the practice of Reiki.

#60 You Can Heal Your Life – Hay House/Louise Hay information including daily affirmations and meditations.

#61 Whole Health M.D.  – Source of information on complementary and alternative medicine.


#62 The Official Kwanzaa Website — Kwanzaa is a celebraton of Family, Community and Culture.

#63 History.com: Kwanzaa — Information on the holiday.



#64 Laughter Yoga – Yes, this is real. Official website of Dr. Madan Kataria, the Laughter Guru.

#65 The Gesundheit Institute  – Learn about the work of real life doctor and clown Patch Adams (remember the movie?) activist for peace, justice and care for all people.



#66 About Meditation  – Online meditation guide.  Includes some really nice videos.

#67 How to Meditate  – Basics of Buddhist meditation.

#68 Meditation for Health Podcast  – Weekly podcast with Dr. Robert Puff, PhD

#69 Touching the Stillness Ministries – Rev. Paulette Pipe is a wonderful meditation leader/teacher.

#70 The Christian Meditator  – Reduce stress, renew your mind and draw close to God.

#71 Transcendental Meditation – Yes, this is TM. You’ve heard about it, why not learn about it for yourself?


#72 Elephant – Online magazine sharing the mindful life.

#73 MindfulCelebrates being mindful in all aspects of daily living.

#74 Mindful Balance Blog – Irish mindfulness practice blog.

#75 Mindfulnet.org – Mindfulness information website.

#76 Plum Village – Spiritual community founded by Vietnamese Zen Monk Tich Nhat Hanh.

#77 UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center – Education and research to foster mindful awareness and promote well-being and a more compassionate society.


#78 Peace Action Working for peace since 1957.

#79 Peace PilgrimThe message of a woman who spent 25 years walking for peace.



#80 Essential Life Skills.net – Contributing to personal development and self-realization.

#81 SelfGrowth.com – Provides self-improvement information to help improve lives.

#82 Success Consciousness – Teaching techniques for growth, making changes and achieving success in any area of life.

#83 TED – Heard about TED Talks? Here’s your chance to watch one.


#84 Effective Positive Thinking  – Tips and tools for achieving and maintaining a positive attitude.

#85 Good News Network Positive news stories from around the world.

#86 Guideposts  – My mother introduced me to the positive teachings of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Guideposts magazine as a child. A great inspirational resource.

#87 Hooplaha – Life with a smile.  Positive stories and videos.

#88 Positive Living – Try the Positive Living Weekly Challenge.

#89 Positive Motivation – Positive quotes, thoughts and affirmations.

#90 Positivity Toolbox Great source of positivity tools.

#91 Simple Reminders – Inspirational reminders with original photography.

#92 The Benefits of Positive Thinking – Discover what positive thinking can do for you.

#93 Living Life Fully – Collection of positive and uplifting material.


#94 What is a Spiritual Awakening? — Good article from Jim Tolles, spiritual teacher.


#95 April Yamasaki – Pastor and author of Sacred Pauses.

#96 Beliefnet Resource for faith, belief and spirituality.

#97 Contemplative Outreach A spiritual network committed to living the contemplative dimension of the Gospel.

#98 DailyOM  – A place to nurture body, mind and spirit.

#99 Ignatian Spirituality  – Learn about Ignation spirituality including prayer, spiritual direction, retreats and making good decisions.

#100 Institute of Noetic Sciences – The Institute’s primary program areas are consciousness and healing, extended human capacities, and emerging worldviews.

#101 Micah Bales — Religion is easy, discipleship is hard.  Friends of Jesus.

#102 Michael Moore’s Blog – Thoughts, reflections and prayers from a pastor and retired Air Force Chaplain.

#103 New Creations Ministries   – Applying Biblical nutritional principles.

#104 OPreach – Preaching through inspirational words and photos.

#105 Quaker Information Center Gateway to information about the Religious Society of Friends.

#106 Spirituality and Practice   Multi-faith website with resources for spiritual journeys.

#107 Sri Chinmoy – Spiritual teacher who dedicated his life in the service of humanity.

#108 The Contemplative Society Recovering the mystical heart of the Christian wisdom tradition.

#109 Truth Unity  – Good site for classic metaphysical resources including The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary.

#110 Unity Online RadioUplifting and inspiring New Thought teaching and music.  We especially enjoy the music.

#111  Unity Village Chapel – The live stream of Sunday services is a life-line for us living in a rural area.


The world is in a spiritual battle right now between love and fear.  It is an age-old battle that continues to be played out in the world.  This is not a battle that can be fought with earthly weapons.  It must be fought in our minds with our thoughts.  We are called to shine our light and live the Truth by walking in love and peace.  This will not be easy but we do have tools.  Please use them.

#112 Knowing the Real Enemy 

#113  Tools for Defeating Fear: Gratitude

#114  Tools for Defeating Fear: Watch Yourself Online 

#115 Tools for Defeating Fear: Take a Day Off 

#116  Tools for feating Fear: World Peace Meditation 

#117 Tools for Defeating Fear: Grounding 

#118 Tools for Defeating Fear: Psychic Protection 

#119 Tools for Defeating Fear: Meditation 

#120 Tools for Defeating Fear:  Breathe In Breathe Out 

#121 Saying Yest to Love and No to Fear Part 2

#122 Saying Yes to Love and No to Fear Part 1


These are all yoga websites I use or have used and find helpful.  If you are looking for yoga that is more than just the latest fitness fad try these.

#123 Do Yoga With Me Yoga online for all levels.  I have used this site and found it helpful.

#124 Dr. Melissa WestFree online videos.  More content available with membership.  I love Melissa West.  This is yoga for everyone.  Teachings are given as well as the physical postures.

#125 Successful Living Yoga with Norman Popovsky A yoga therapist’s holistic guide to self-healing, health & happiness.  I like Norman’s approach.

#126 White Cloud Wellness – Corey Roos teaches mindfulness based yoga and meditation.  Check out his great videos on his website.

#127 Yoga with Adriene – A yoga teacher with a playfulness and sense of humor that makes you want to join in.


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    1. Thank you for stopping by and for the kind comment. My plans are to keep adding to the list — there are many great resources out there. When I tried to go to your site there was nothing there. Would love to know a little bit about who you are and what you do.


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