Saying YES to Love and NO to Fear — Part 1

Everyone’s biggest enemy in the world right now is fear.  It is the cause of increased  isolation, the planned closing of borders, and citizens arming themselves.  We are turning against each other out of fear.  We are making irrational decisions out of fear.  We are blindly following leaders who are fanning the flames of fear to gain power.  We think we are being persecuted because someone disagrees with us.  We believe we are being brave and bold by arming ourselves and preparing for battle. When will it stop, or will we destroy ourselves, our country and our world — through fear?
It will only stop when we say a resounding “NO!” to fear.  I know this is not easy,  I struggle with it everyday.  We must remember that we create our own reality with our thoughts and we are capable of bringing our greatest fears into reality.  I see this happening in the world now.  But the good news is that we can also use our thoughts to create a new positive reality.
So how do we stand up to fear?  With love.  That’s it.  Yes, it really is that simple.  Say a resounding “YES!” to love and “NO!” to fear.
How do we resist falling prey to the negative hype, hoopla and fear mongering?  We gain control of our thoughts and our emotions.  Not so easy.  Pray, meditate, surround yourself with loving, positive people, memorize scriptures, mantras, affirmations, whatever it takes which helps to give you the reminders of assurance you need to obtain and maintain peace within yourself.  If you are disturbed by the impending election in the U.S. check out Meditate the Vote.  Scroll down if content does not appear at the top of the page.
How do we react to the craziness of this world?  First we resist fear, anger, violence and the urge to respond with violence.  Seem impossible?  Tell me about it.  We cannot stand for truth, love and peace if we respond to hatred, fear and violence in like-kind.
How do we stay strong?  Remember who and whose you are.  You are a child of the living God (created in God’s image and likeness), a citizen of God’s Kingdom.  Surround yourself with the white light of God’s presence and protection, pray, meditate, and live in the light and love of God.
How do I say no to fear when I am surrounded by people who are giving in to it?  Good news: Not everyone is giving in to fear.  People are awakening to their spiritual calling every day.  We are out there.  It’s time to start looking for each other and come together.  No one is alone in this spiritual endeavor; the enlightened ones and the awakening do exist, but they may show up in unexpected places.
Bob and I are coordinating our posts today.  Please go to Espirational Faith to read his beautiful poem “I AM.”
Tomorrow:  Saying YES to Love and NO to Fear Part 2


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