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“Love is a sacred reserve of energy; it is like the blood of spiritual evolution.” — Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
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It’s Your Choice

Do you have concerns about the Solar Eclipse?  Bob has a new post on Espirational Faith. This is very powerful writing on an important topic. Please take the time to read it.

Espirational Faith

“I call heaven and earth to record thisday against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live….”

(DEU 30:19; as found in Bible Gateway; In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations)

Okay, so the worldly prophets are at it again. All over the virtual world of the Web, in numerous churches and even on the planet’s talk on the streets and in the homes of many our eyes are being turned toward the heavens as the soothsayers and the doom prognosticators are pointing toward August 21 and September 23, 2017, as harbingers of the beginning of the end. Are they right?

You’d think we’d know better by now that a total eclipse of the sun, caused simply by the passage of the moon between the direct path of the light…

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Thought for Today

Copyright 2016 by R.A. Robbins

“Religion is meant to teach us true spiritual human character. It is meant for self-transformation. It is meant to transform anxiety into peace, arrogance into humility, envy into compassion, to awaken the pure soul in man and his love for the Source, which is God.”

—- Radhanath Swami
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Thought for Today

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“Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.

—. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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I Love the Universe!

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Todays blog title is what Bob said after we shared our stories of provision with each other.  I started by saying I love when the Universe provides and does it with a sense of humor.  My grocery trip this month was delayed and I was running out of gluten-free flour.  Then yesterday in my email was notification that I had won a drawing for a Better Batter sampler pack.  Better Batter products are of course gluten-free baking mixes and flours.  Need not only met, but met in a way that made me laugh.

As he listened to mine, Bob could hardly wait to share his story.  When he got up in the middle of the night he saw in his Kindle stats that he had given away exactly 12 copies of Revealed Vol. 2.  We had both been discouraged by the lack of interest in the Revealed series.  The number of books being given away the first day being exactly 12 — the number of the Apostles — gave Bob encouragement that even though he does not know the plan, things are going as they should.

After I shared my story Bob asked circumstance or miracle?  When I said it seemed almost sacrilegious to call something so small and rather trivial a miracle of course his response was….  Why?  God/the Universe does provide.  That’s not just a nice saying — its reality.   Provision happens in the small things as well as the big ones.  Sometimes it even makes us laugh.

Getting Real

“We need to do life authentically to help people feel at home within their being.  When we liberate ourselves we liberate each other.” — Rev. Erin McCabe
Rev. Erin McCabe is the pastor of Unity Village Chapel. Although we do not live near Kansas City where her church is located, as an “online congregant” I consider her my pastor.
Recently Erin spoke on authenticity and our need to be real with each other. In this online age we seem to have trouble with that don’t we? Is what your online followers see only you at your very best?  Or maybe what they see is you “touched up” to cover up your “flaws.”
Dr. Melissa West, my online yoga teacher often talks about how the people we see calmly posed in contortionist poses are “yoga models.” She then goes on to explain that due to the way our individual bodies are put together, we may never be able to do some poses and that’s okay. Her focus is on “real yoga for real people” and she gets real in class even about what her own body will and won’t do.
We live in a world where we are pressured to be perfect, because of course everyone else is, right? Wrong. We all live in a world trying to be “better and better” because we do not believe  we are enough. So we strive and strive for that perfect body… job… house… life.. still feeling we are not enough.
I try to be conscious of this online, but I still get an occasional person who will say something like, “All this positive thinking stuff is fine for you, but my life is hard!” I try to let you see the real me struggles and all, but because I choose to not make my life about those struggles, perhaps they get lost along the way.  
So here is me getting real again. If you watch Espirational Live! on Facebook you will see me in all my natural glory just as I appear in real life  — graying hair, wrinkles, no make-up, those few extra pounds I carry, what some people consider a really obnoxious laugh and all. What some may see as our perfect retirement at the lake is like many peoples lives. We bought a nice house we can afford, but it is a manufactured home — a trailer. In the eyes of some that would make us “trailer trash.” The beautiful lake we love so much floods  — three times in the three years we have been here. We don’t always agree with our neighbors. Bob’s retirement many people envy was forced by health issues before we were “ready.” Like most people we are always looking for ways to bring in extra money to help make ends meet. In my young adult life I struggled to come out of a time of great physical and emotional difficulty alive and almost didn’t. But now 30 years later I can look back and thank God for where I am in this moment.
What makes us different is that we choose to focus on the good, the positive, the God in our lives. We know we create our reality with our thoughts so we try to make them good ones.  
We are all fellow travelers on the journey called life. We need to remember to share our stories, of hardship and survival as well as overcoming to encourage each other along the way while we keep moving forward in the light.