Loving our Mother Earth

When Bob and I first moved to our current home eight years ago, this was a beautiful place. A wooded lakeside community we have watched slowly being destroyed by people who want perfectly manicured lawns without the inconvenience of trees and wildlife. We will pay for these actions which we are already beginning to seeContinue reading “Loving our Mother Earth”

When we Start Working Together

 ”It’s when we start working together that the real healing takes place.” – David Hume Can the divisions in our world ever be healed? I believe they can, but we can’t just sit back and complain and blame everyone else for the troubles in our world. We have to begin the process of working together withContinue reading “When we Start Working Together”

It’s a Miracle!

 What’s a miracle you may be asking. Everything! This earth and the life on it. Our extremely intricately created bodies. The sun, moon and stars, All life. Our oneness with creation and the creator. Every day of our life on earth. It’s all a great big miracle! Yesterday I was thinking about what is goingContinue reading “It’s a Miracle!”