A Divine Spark

“We have in us a divine spark that you can see. It’s a Light that shines in the human being. It’s our direct access to truth, our direct access to God. The purpose of all the spiritual practices that exist are to awaken that sparkto give it life, to give it energy, so that itContinue reading “A Divine Spark”

Resurrection Sunrise

When I was young I really enjoyed a good Easter Service with all the music and pagentry.  But as I have grown older I go down to the water and watch the sunrise, maybe spontaneously bursting into song. On Easter morning the rising of the sun reminds me that God is always present, even ifContinue reading “Resurrection Sunrise”

The Friday Affirmation

My hope is a light to see by. Genie’s note: For anyone who may be confused, no this is not Friday. When I went back to daily posts I had to do some adding and rearranging of what was already scheduled. I decided to leave it as is because it had already posted. Affirmations areContinue reading “The Friday Affirmation”

New Life

We recently welcomed new life into our home in the form of two kittens. Their names are Lizzie and Beth. There are a few people who think we are a little crazy. Kittens at our age? But these little bundles of energy are exactly what we needed. Living in a “senior” community we are surroundedContinue reading “New Life”

Sometimes I Worry

I have to admit that like everyone else I worry. I worry about Bob’s health. I worry about the destruction of trees in my neighborhood and those who want to put up gates to keep “strangers” out. I worry about global warming and the destruction of the planet. I worry about COVID. I worry aboutContinue reading “Sometimes I Worry”