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past thoughts, worn out ideas, false beliefs

Cloudy Sunrise #4
Copyright 2016 by R.A. Robbins

“Let us not dwell into past thoughts, worn out ideas, false beliefs. Let them go so that you can create a new self by emptying your mind and filling it with new thoughts, ideas, and visions.”
― Debasish Mridha

Fill the space with something new

Copyright 2016 by R.A. Robbins

“The mental and physical space we create by letting go of things that belong in our past gives us the option to fill the space with something new.”   

Susan Fay West

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Stay Believing

Copyright 2017 by R.A. Robbins

“Health love will find you, as long as you stay believing and seeing it coming through, Don’t let your heart stay, where all rooms are closed and you fear to let go.”
― Aisha S. Kingu

Bury that Thing

Copyright 2017 by R.A. Robbins

“The more you talk about it, rehash it, rethink it, cross analyze it, debate it, respond to it, get paranoid about it, compete with it, complain about it, immortalize it, cry over it, kick it, defame it, stalk it, gossip about it, pray over it, put it down or dissect its motives it continues to rot in your brain. It is dead. It is over. It is gone. It is done. It is time to bury it because it is smelling up your life and no one wants to be near your rotted corpse of memories and decaying attitude. Be the funeral director of your life and bury that thing!”
― Shannon L. Alder

Expect something good to happen


 “Today expect something good to happen to you no matter what occurred yesterday. Realize the past no longer holds you captive. It can only continue to hurt you if you hold on to it. Let the past go. A simply abundant world awaits.” – Sarah Breathnach