Then We Shall Know

“When we see social relationships controlled everywhere by the principles which Jesus illustrated in life — trust, love, mercy, and altruism — then we shall know that the kingdom of God is here.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Path of Your Own

“You create a path of your own by looking within yourself and listening to your soul, cultivating your own ways of experiencing the sacred and then practicing it. Practicing until you make it a song that sings you.” ~ Sue Monk Kidd, The Dance of the Dissident Daughter

Fruit of our Spiritual Lives

“Our compassion is the fruit of our spiritual lives; it actually arises spontaneously when formed by intention in our spiritual practice. Love and compassion are always the goods of the spiritual journey, and they are guided by divine wisdom, which then shapes compassion in the concrete situations of our existence.”~ Wayne Teasdale

A Divine Spark

“We have in us a divine spark that you can see. It’s a Light that shines in the human being. It’s our direct access to truth, our direct access to God. The purpose of all the spiritual practices that exist are to awaken that sparkto give it life, to give it energy, so that itContinue reading “A Divine Spark”

Draw Near to God

“If you want to draw near to God, seek him in the hearts of those around you.Speak well of all, present or absent. If you would be a light for others, be like the sun: show the same face to all. To bring joy to a single heart is better than building countless shrines forContinue reading “Draw Near to God”


“If you really know how to live, what better way to start the day than with a smile?…Smiling helps you approach the day with gentleness and understanding….Smile with your whole being.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh Smiling as a spiritual practice — I love it. That’s one way we shine our light into the world.