Creativity and Spirituality

“When we move toward our own creativity, we move toward our Creator. When we seek to become more spiritual, we find ourselves becoming more creative. Our creativity and our spirituality are so closely interconnected they are in effect one and the same thing. Speaking of God, we often use the words “Maker” or “Creator” withoutContinue reading “Creativity and Spirituality”

So What IS The Creative Spiritual Lifestyle?

Genie’s Note: During the month of April we will be exploring the connection betwen creativity and spirituality. Bob is starting us off with another of his insightful articles. You many have noticed we are returning to daily Espirational posts. By Robert O. Robbins The first thing we learn when reading the Holy Bible’s Pentateuch written byContinue reading “So What IS The Creative Spiritual Lifestyle?”

An Early Morning Walk

 “An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.” – Henry David Thoreau I believe this with all my heart. I practice it. Now I have to admit that I don’t wake up every day full of energy and wanting to walk. There are days I grumble at least a little. But once I getContinue reading “An Early Morning Walk”

Walking the Walk

It is easier to talk about matters of faith, religion, and spirituality than actually walking our faith out in daily life. We are surrounded by examples of this every day. But how we live will be remembered long after our words are forgotten. As spiritual beings, we are called to live in this world butContinue reading “Walking the Walk”

That Tricky Little Thing Called Balance

It is difficult to maintain a sense of balance in a world filled with chaos.  The urgency of current events and the resulting upheaval throw us off kilter.  And we are bombarded with the stuff. Turn on your computer and there are written words, images and videos designed to make you angry, fearful and throwContinue reading “That Tricky Little Thing Called Balance”


Earlier this month in my post titled Wake Up! I spoke in a brief and very general way about awakening.   Now I want to dig a little deeper and talk about what happens when people begin to wake up. So what does happen when people start waking up?  To put is simply, the world beginsContinue reading “Shifts”