One in Essence

We are one in essence but not in expression. That’s why it can be so hard to see the God in each of us. We each express it so differently.” — Genie Robbins

We are all unique expressions of God. That does not make any one of us better or worse that the other, just different. But that can be difficult. It is so much easier to see the world in terms of right and wrong, black and white, good and bad. But how’s that working for us? It’s not, is it? Maybe it’s time to change our minds. By not recognizing the unique expression of God in each of us or allowing it to be expressed we are missing out on the fullness of life.

Something to think and talk about:

What are some ways we can recognize and celebrate the unique expression of God that is each of us? Let’s talk!

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3 thoughts on “One in Essence

  1. What a wonderful thing to ask which should also cause us to desire to know our acquaintances, friends, and family better. And, George W., I agree. It often makes a difference who a person appears to be, the image s/he seems to be projecting by the image which the person IS projecting themselves. Confusing? Perhaps. But if someone claims an image of God who is the only preeminent being in the universe and cannot be reached nor even conceived by his creation, then the pronouncements that all major religions who claim there to be a universal God of Love seems to be but a mythical dream. Impossible. Unbelievable.

    But in the public world today of business, government, and social organizations there is a big push with a social structure called being “transparent.” That’s something we all need to learn to do in our personal spiritual lives. In order to know our creator better, we must do as Genie says in the quote, above, and express God as we experience the Spirit of God in and through our own lives. We must do so openly and freely. And we must look upon others and attempt to see the creative spirit in each of them also. If all we see in others are dark spirits, we must be careful about where that message is coming from. Is it truly the message which the other person is really trying to project, or is it something from within one’s self that is haunting us from the past and has never been dealt with? The interpretation of this issue could then interfere with one’s ability to see the vision of God available through this creature of God.

    Let’s be transparent in our love of God. Each person has his or her own way of expressing that love, and watching for it, observing it, appreciating it, even if we don’t fully understand or agree with it is a wonderfully expanding experience. We hear and experience it even in something as simple as the various cultures’ names of God: God – Holy Spirit – YHWH – Jesus – Buddha – Confusious – . . . .


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