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Earlier this month in my post titled Wake Up! I spoke in a brief and very general way about awakening.   Now I want to dig a little deeper and talk about what happens when people begin to wake up.

So what does happen when people start waking up?  To put is simply, the world begins to change.  But anytime anything new is born into the world there are labor pains.  Much of the anger, violence and turmoil we see in our world today is evidence of this.  But it is important to look beyond the pain to catch at least a glimpse of what is being born.

So what is being born?  We are currently going through a major shift in consciousness which will be seen in many different areas of life.

The two shifts that are the most obvious (and exciting) to me are:

A shift from the masculine toward the feminine.  Let’s face it we have lived in a world that has been dominated by men.  How has that been working for us?  Now we are beginning to see women step forward in large numbers to remind us that does not always work.  We see this in all areas of life but perhaps the most out there in the public eye right now are politics and social justice.  This will only work if women lead from their feminine energy, instead of just copying the way men have always done things.  What we need to be moving toward is not a world dominated and controlled by women, but a balance of both the masculine and feminine energies working together. All people work side by side to create a world that works for all.  History tells us this will not be easy.  It is never easy for any group to let go of power and control, and learning to handle power and control is just as difficult.  Until we let go of our all or nothing mentality and learn to develop a spirit of cooperation and work together we will continue to struggle with this shift

A shift from organized religion focused on buildings, organization and doctrine toward a personal spiritual journey.  This shift is very personal to me.  I grew up in a family that was extremely involved in the local church, so I got an up close and personal view of the inner workings of a church.  It isn’t always pretty.   We can get so caught up in doctrine and our precious buildings that we can forget that our true calling is Oneness with God and if we are Christians following the Master Teacher by living the Christ life.  I began feeling the pull of the Christ within from a young age, but I resisted.  And boy did I resist.  Even when it became clear that I was no longer wanted and actually no longer belonged in “organized religion” I held on with everything I had.  It took a long time and a car accident for me to begin to experience little glimpses of what our Oneness with God is actually like.  Now there is no turning back.  There was a religious revival in the 1730’s and 1740’s known as the Great  Awakening.  We are now experiencing another great awakening as people are beginning to awaken to who they really are and how they are called to live.  And of course organized religion is not only resisting they are fighting back.  What is required of us during this time is to stay on track, stay connected to Spirit and each other and not get caught in fighting a “war” that does not really exist.

There are of course other shifts of consciousness occurring in our world.  That is why I would really like to hear from you on this one.

What major shifts are you seeing in our world?  Do they have personal meaning for you?  Leave you comments below and let’s talk.

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One thought on “Shifts

  1. What an excellent article,Genie. One I would like to get in the hands of every spiritual seeker on the planet. We are at the dawn of the Spiritual Millennial Sabbath, the Dawn of a New Age according to those of the New Thought movement. But this is not “new.” This teaching of truth and hope has been around ever since we were placed on this planet as a species created by God. We are just now beginning to realize thousands of years of slow growth in our Mother Earth’s womb to soon see the light of life as we have suffered our birth through the past twoj-thousand years (days} of labor pains. REJOICE!


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