Knowing the Real Enemy

I was awakened at 2 A.M with a message from Spirit.  “It’s Trump, but it’s okay.”  Not the message I wanted to receive, but strangely I felt at peace.  I stayed up for a little while then went back to bed only to be awakened again at 5 A.M. with another message.  “Shine your light.”  I know this means to continue to teach and practice love and acceptance, but as a tangible sign I was led to get out the new lighted angel I bought last month for Christmas, hang it in the window and plug it in.

Our calling now is the same as it has always been — to shine our light.  When the world seems enveloped in darkness we are more than ever called to shine our light, to live the Truth and to walk in peace and love recognizing the divine light in those around us.  I know I’m having trouble seeing that light in a few people right now, but it is still there.

The real enemy in this world is not Donald Trump.  It’s also not immigrants, people with different beliefs or ways of living or even ISIS.  The real enemy is FEAR.  It’s not “someone else” who is “against us” or causing the turmoil and upheaval in our country and the world.  It is us.  We are doing this to ourselves.  We are destroying our own country with fear.

This is spiritual warfare folks and it cannot be fought with earthly weapons so put down your guns.  It must be fought in our minds, with our thoughts.  Use those tools for defeating fear I mentioned earlier. I have gathered links together in a new Saying No to Fear page.  Please use it.

Live what you say you believe.  Walk in light, love and peace.  Show the world there is another way.  Continue to pray and meditate for peace and awakening for those who have forgotten the light that they are will begin to remember.  Peace be with you, do not be afraid.



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14 thoughts on “Knowing the Real Enemy

  1. I agree that fear is a terrible enemy, but I feel that it is brought about by a lack of trust in the Father. Think of the Israelite people who lost their way by failing to trust God, but trusted in themselves. When fear came the only option still available was the consequences of their poorly chosen actions and long years in captivity to think about what they had done. As with us today, sometimes we learn but sometimes we make the same mistake over and over. We are fortunate that we live under and by the Law of Love which allows us both grace and mercy from which forgiveness flows. That other law was the teacher that told them of the coming of a Messiah.


    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment Marie. This was written the night of the election and was given to try to help people calm down. In the current political situation both sides are each trying to “fix things” according to the way they think things should be while believing they are trusting God. I sure hope we don’t have to go around this same mountain for 40 years to learn the lesson in this. 🙂

      Good to meet you.


      1. Thank you for the follow and the comment and also for the explanation although I agree with both of your statements. It is incredible how irrational everyone seems to be these days. If there is no knowledge gained from this situation our country seems to be in we probably will meet it again at sometime in the future. Nice to meet you, too. I like your home page.


  2. God is calling us to BE in this season. We have done enough. Now it’s time to be who He created us to be…a light. Gentle, loving, kind, patient, diligent, faithful, humble. Remembering that we are created in the image of God and not the image of man.

    Thank you for your post.

    Be encouraged. Be inspired. Be who you were created to be.


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