Tools for Defeating Fear: Psychic Protection

Have you ever walked away after a conversation with a difficult or extremely negative person feeling completely drained, just covered in negative gunk?  I sometimes call this being slimed.  This is an example of the energy of others having a negative effect on our own energy which I think we have all experienced.

It is important that we protect ourselves without letting fear take over causing us to obsess over it.  This is something I am still learning because I am having to learn it the hard way.   An obstacle for me in the process has been that I don’t want to put up emotional walls and shut everyone out.  The good news is that you don’t have to.

There are a variety of practices and techniques available to help protect your energy field:

  1. Stay positive.  Think positive thoughts.  Surround yourself with positive people.
  2. Surround yourself with the White Light.  Close your eyes and see a soft white light surrounding your body, slowly getting brighter and brighter.  You can see the light coming down as a beam from the heavens if that is helpful.
  3. Say a prayer.  This can be a simple spontaneous prayer asking for the Creator’s help and protection or a canned prayer such the Guardian Angel Prayer or my favorite, the Prayer for Protection.
  4. Call on the Angels and/or your guides for help.
  5. I am saving this for last because it is heavy-duty, but you can visualize a clear shield or you can actually put yourself in a clear bubble surrounded by light.  I do actually use this, but try to limit it to times of extreme stress, or when many people in our community are going through illnesses or surgeries.

Even though I actively practice psychic protection I have learned that it is still important to release and let go of anything that might have slipped through.  I do this with a simple prayer before I go to sleep, releasing any thoughts, emotions or physical sensations or symptoms that do not belong to me back to the Creator with a blessing for the owner.




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