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Tools for Defeating Fear: Gratitude

There are people who in their fervor to win high political office and (in their minds) control the world who are intentionally spreading fear.  It makes perfect sense.  People who are afraid are easier to control.

A part of this political tactic is to paint a picture of doom and gloom;  a world gone astray with no good left.  The only hope is to elect one particular leader.  Believe it or not, this political strategy (let’s call it what it is) seems to be working.

There are people who see that there is still good left in our world and in our country.  The slogan “Make America Great Again” is meant to reinforce a very negative view of our country and our world.  But there are those who believe that America is still great.

Could things be better?  Of course.  Do we need to learn to put aside our differences and come together to work for good?  Absolutely.  Do we need to find a way to stop the senseless violence?  You bet.  But words and actions that only serve to further divide our country are not what we need right now.

If “we the people” really want to “take back our country” it must be done through a “grass roots” movement, not by electing a demagogue who claims to have all the answers.  That means we start seeing the real truth about our country and not the negative picture being painted.

The United States has a long history of pulling together to come through dark times.  In fact the great strength of our country has been that in spite of our diversity we can come together in difficult circumstance.  Now more than ever we need to come together as individuals and communities, across race, gender and party lines to listen to each other and find solutions.

We also remember that our thoughts and our words are creative.  What we think and say comes into being.  We remind each other that positive words and actions have the power to overcome evil.  We think, speak, meditate and act on peace.

We are also grateful for what we have.  We recognize that no matter how dark and desperate times may seem there is still good in the world and for this we are so grateful.  During this month when Americans celebrate a National Day of Thanksgiving let us focus on gratitude for the good things in the world, our countries (we have readers from around the world) and our own lives.

Tools for Defeating Fear: Watch Yourself Online

The internet can be a wonderful tool, but it is just that… a tool.  As a tool it is neither good or evil in itself, but can be used for either.

With the advent of the Internet Age, we now have access to more information than ever before.  We also have access to that information quicker than ever before.  Now it is possible to watch news stories as they are still unfolding.  This often results in misinformation going out before all the details have yet to be learned.

It is now also possible for anyone to declare themselves a journalist, writer or online personality and start sharing news or opinions through blogs, podcasts and other online media.  With this we find the lines between trustworthy sources and not so trustworthy ones being blurred.

Add to the above the possibility of anonymity online paired with social pressure and things can get out of hand quickly.  If you read and believe everything that comes across your screen you find yourself at some time or other experiencing extreme anger or fear.

So how do we protect ourselves online?

  1. Remember when you access information via the internet from your home, you are inviting people, information and events into your home.  You are inviting strangers into your home, your head and your heart.  Guard your home as well as your head and your heart.  Don’t allow things in through the computer that you would not allow in through your front door.
  2. Carefully screen and select breaking news, headlines or other information coming to you.  Some days there is just so much going on that if you get alerts or headlines on your homepage you may get quite overwhelmed.  Choose the types of stories you really want to follow and the sources you trust.
  3. When tragedy strikes, which is becoming all too familiar, do not stay glued to the story for hours or days, soaking up every little detail.  As difficult as it may be, life does go on.  The news can stop you in your tracks if you let it.
  4. Choose your online “friends” and people you “follow”  carefully. We all know that many online friends are actually strangers right?  They may not even be who we think they are and many certainly do not have your best interest in mind.  As an artist and writer I have two different types of social media accounts.  First, I have the public ones for the creative work I do, such as my Facebook Page.  Then I also have my personal Facebook account which I limit mostly to family and neighbors.  I have a small number of followers and they get to see the real me.  I might share anything from my favorite recipes, to my current art projects, to catching up on family news, to updates on Bob’s health, to political views (yes, I do have them).  My other social media accounts are much less personal.
  5. Avoid jumping on “bandwagons” and getting caught up in emotional “mob scenes” online.  Don’t find yourself following an angry crowd into doing or saying something you would never do on your own.
  6. Bookmark or subscribe to your go-to websites and blogs for positive news, articles and encouragement.  There are more of us out there then your might think.  Of course we hope you will remember us when your soul needs a vacation.

Bob and I are quite active online.  We use the internet as a tool for communication as well as information and research.  Please keep in mind as you are online, the internet is only a tool.  Whether you use it for good or evil is up to you.


Tools for Defeating Fear: Grounding

Grounding is an important tool for spiritual protection and defeating fear.  Grounding reconnects us to the energy system of the earh.  Some people do this by living as close to the earth as possible, sitting on the ground or walking barefoot.  My daily walks by the lake are part of grounding for me.  I do leave my shoes on though, it’s rocky down by the lake.  🙂

I also do a grounding exercise as needed.  Take a few deep breaths, relaxing deeper with each exhale.  Imagine roots coming out of your feet and growing deep into the earth all the way to the earth’s core.  Feel the support of the earth as you do this.

Some people leave it there, but I prefer to connect to both heaven and earth, sending a ribbon of light out from my crown chakra (the top of the head).  This will allow you to be rooted in the earth and connected to the heavens.

Grounding is essential for living on this earth.  How you do it is up to you.  It can be as simple or complicated as you want to make it.  What is important is that we do it.

Tools for Defeating Fear: Psychic Protection

Have you ever walked away after a conversation with a difficult or extremely negative person feeling completely drained, just covered in negative gunk?  I sometimes call this being slimed.  This is an example of the energy of others having a negative effect on our own energy which I think we have all experienced.

It is important that we protect ourselves without letting fear take over causing us to obsess over it.  This is something I am still learning because I am having to learn it the hard way.   An obstacle for me in the process has been that I don’t want to put up emotional walls and shut everyone out.  The good news is that you don’t have to.

There are a variety of practices and techniques available to help protect your energy field:

  1. Stay positive.  Think positive thoughts.  Surround yourself with positive people.
  2. Surround yourself with the White Light.  Close your eyes and see a soft white light surrounding your body, slowly getting brighter and brighter.  You can see the light coming down as a beam from the heavens if that is helpful.
  3. Say a prayer.  This can be a simple spontaneous prayer asking for the Creator’s help and protection or a canned prayer such the Guardian Angel Prayer or my favorite, the Prayer for Protection.
  4. Call on the Angels and/or your guides for help.
  5. I am saving this for last because it is heavy-duty, but you can visualize a clear shield or you can actually put yourself in a clear bubble surrounded by light.  I do actually use this, but try to limit it to times of extreme stress, or when many people in our community are going through illnesses or surgeries.

Even though I actively practice psychic protection I have learned that it is still important to release and let go of anything that might have slipped through.  I do this with a simple prayer before I go to sleep, releasing any thoughts, emotions or physical sensations or symptoms that do not belong to me back to the Creator with a blessing for the owner.