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Holiday Meet and Greet

This is the season when people like to come together.  We smile at people we meet on the street.  We may even say hello or offer a holiday greeting.  We host and/or attend parties, family dinners and other social events.  Why can’t we do these things online?  Well, I think we can, soooo…..

On this Sunday before American Thanksgiving I am hosting an online gathering to give bloggers a chance to meet each other and visit each others blogs.  I think this will be fun, but for it to work people need to participate.  How?

  1. Reply to this blog post answering one of the following questions:    What is one thing you are grateful for?  or  What holiday do you observe during November or December and how do you celebrate?
  2. Please also give a link to your blog so we can visit.  Only family friendly blogs please.
  3. Re-blog this post on your blog and invite others to join us.
  4. Please visit at least two of the other bloggers who post links here and say hello.  “Like” something on their blog or leave a comment to let them know you were there. Follow their blog if you like.  If you want to visit everyone, go for it!      
  5. Did I forget anything?

So what I am grateful for?   My wonderful blog followers and new friends and followers who are yet to come.