Gifts from the Universe

This is American Thanksgiving day. It is a day when many feel anything but thankful. The pressures of the uncoming holiday season can start to set in. Sometimes family gatherings are not pleasant. We can begin to descend into a season of holiday doom and gloom.

But recently a lesson came to me. There is always something to be grateful for.

I had been going through a difficult time. Living in a senior community seeming to be surrounded by sickness and death isn’t always easy. Then one morning I got a surprise gift from the Universe on my morning walk. This is what I posted on Facebook that morning.

Beautiful walk this morniing. Dark clouds but not gloomy or scary. Cool and quiet with no one out but me and a few of my dog friends walking their people. Great way to start the day.

Then again a few days later.

Looking out my studio window at the full moon just above my neighbors house. What a beautiful gift. Thank you God!

Gratitude or giving thanks does not have to be about something really big or spectacular. It also goes beyond the day to day events of life.

If we stay open, sometimes the Universe will surprise us with a gift that makes us go, WOW! Thank you God! And if we let it, it can change us.

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