What are we Waiting For?

Tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent. I did not grow up in a tradition that observed advent, but I did later attend churches that did. Advent is a time of expectant waiting for the birth of Jesus. It may be seen as a time of preparation, repentance and fasting. Candles are lit each week to represent hope, peace, joy and love with readings and prayers. A white Christ candle is lit either on Christmas Eve or Christmas day.

This year I wanted to do something for Advent. But as I studied and tried to prepare, these words came to me. “What are we waiting for?”

Hope is here. Peace is here. Joy is here. Love is here. The Christ is here. Right here and now, living in, through and as us. I hope you will join me the next four weeks as we celebrate.

Something to Ponder: How do the presence of hope, peace, joy love and The Christ show up in your life?

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