Holiday Meet and Greet

This is the season when people like to come together.  We smile at people we meet on the street.  We may even say hello or offer a holiday greeting.  We host and/or attend parties, family dinners and other social events.  Why can’t we do these things online?  Well, I think we can, soooo….. On thisContinue reading “Holiday Meet and Greet”

Thank you God for…

…live streaming Bob and I are extremely grateful for the live stream of Sunday morning services from Unity Village Chapel.  We live in an area where many people do not share our beliefs and way of life.  Even thought we live in a beautiful place, it can sometimes seem like a bit of a spiritualContinue reading “Thank you God for…”

Tools for Defeating Fear: Gratitude

There are people who in their fervor to win high political office and (in their minds) control the world who are intentionally spreading fear.  It makes perfect sense.  People who are afraid are easier to control. A part of this political tactic is to paint a picture of doom and gloom;  a world gone astrayContinue reading “Tools for Defeating Fear: Gratitude”