Hobbies for Cats — Just for Fun

Is your tabby crabby? Perhaps she needs a hobby. First a few cat craft ideas. http://www.pixiejewels.com/craftsforcats.asp A website and a book just for Cat’s Who Quilt. http://www.catswhoquilt.com/ Safety tips for feline quilters.  http://www.catswhoquilt.com/safety.html When it comes to meditating cats are naturals. http://www.catanna.com/society.htm Why do some cat’s paint? http://www.monpa.com/wcp/ I hope this has given your cat some newContinue reading “Hobbies for Cats — Just for Fun”


I laugh a lot.  Not just a little giggle.  No, I laugh right out loud and don’t care who hears it. A boss used to tease me about my laugh.  After I left for another job she called, telling jokes until I finally laughed. On the other end of the line I heard, “It’s about time! I miss thatContinue reading “Laughter”