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Mother’s Day Tea

Tea Party
Tea Party (Photo credit: annagarcia)

“Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.” ~Chaim Potok

What little girl (or little girl at heart) doesn’t love a tea party? When I was very young my mom made dainty “cinnamon rolls” from leftover pie dough and we had “tea.” Growing up I remember annual Mother Daughter Teas at church. Several years ago tea rooms were very popular for girlfriend outings.

So what’s with women and tea? I think it helps us remember more refined and genteel days when we were encouraged to “be ladies.” When “dressing up” in mom’s hat and heels and sipping tea was not only great fun, it was what we secretly hoped adult life would be like.

How long has it been since you’ve had a tea party? How about brewing a pot of tea and inviting “the girls” (daughters, granddaughters, friends you don’t see often enough) over?

It’s National Trivia Day

I am a big fan of what may seem like useless information.  I try to

A Trivial Pursuit playing piece, with all six ...
A Trivial Pursuit playing piece, with all six wedges filled in. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

hang on to as many facts, figures and little tidbits of information as I can, because you never know when you might need them.  So National Trivia Day is right up my alley.

Let’s celebrate with a trivia question about trivia.  The answer will be in the regular blog post tomorrow.

Trivial Pursuit(R) was the idea of two Canadian journalists who were tired of playing scrabble.  In what year did they decide to create a new board game?

A.  1975

B.  1979

C.  1982

D.  1985

Hobbies for Cats — Just for Fun

Is your tabby crabby? Perhaps she needs a hobby.

First a few cat craft ideas. http://www.pixiejewels.com/craftsforcats.asp

A website and a book just for Cat’s Who Quilt. http://www.catswhoquilt.com/

Safety tips for feline quilters.  http://www.catswhoquilt.com/safety.html

Our first cat Hershey was a quilter.
Image Copyright 2000 by R.A. Robbin

When it comes to meditating cats are naturals. www.catanna.com/society.htm

Why do some cat’s paint? http://www.monpa.com/wcp/

I hope this has given your cat some new ideas. Or maybe it just gave you a good laugh. Either is okay with me.

What is Callie’s hobby?

Does your cat have a hobby?  Please share your pet hobby stories.