Celebrating the Small Things: Fur Children

I admit it!  I am on my way to becoming the crazy cat lady.  Bob and I are one of those couples who never were blessed with human children so we opted for cross species adoption. Our current fur child Callie is wild and crazy and full of life.  Sometimes a little too full ofContinue reading “Celebrating the Small Things: Fur Children”

Hobbies for Cats — Just for Fun

Is your tabby crabby? Perhaps she needs a hobby. First a few cat craft ideas. http://www.pixiejewels.com/craftsforcats.asp A website and a book just for Cat’s Who Quilt. http://www.catswhoquilt.com/ Safety tips for feline quilters.  http://www.catswhoquilt.com/safety.html When it comes to meditating cats are naturals. http://www.catanna.com/society.htm Why do some cat’s paint? http://www.monpa.com/wcp/ I hope this has given your cat some newContinue reading “Hobbies for Cats — Just for Fun”