Celebrating the Small Things: Butterflies from Queensland

I received this lovely postcard in the mail this week from Maureen, a regular follower of Espirational (and I think a kindred spirit).  Thank you so much Maureen!  To see more of Maureen’s lovely work visit her blog KenMaursCorner. And as usual don’t forget to drop by the Celebrating Small Things blog hop at Scribblings of an AspiringContinue reading “Celebrating the Small Things: Butterflies from Queensland”

Celebrating the Small Things: Spring Flowers, Finally!

We finally have flowers on our patio.  I decided we just wouldn’t have flowers this year because extremely strange weather conditions made the availability of annuals late. There have been other years I have decided not plant flowers, like the years when residents above us kept dropping cigarette butts and sometimes lit cigarettes on ourContinue reading “Celebrating the Small Things: Spring Flowers, Finally!”

Celebrating the Small Things: Fur Children

I admit it!  I am on my way to becoming the crazy cat lady.  Bob and I are one of those couples who never were blessed with human children so we opted for cross species adoption. Our current fur child Callie is wild and crazy and full of life.  Sometimes a little too full ofContinue reading “Celebrating the Small Things: Fur Children”

Celebrating the Small Things: 1st eBook Sale

When Bob told me the first copy of my new eBook Frozen Fun sold just a few days after becoming available in the Amazon Kindle Store I was excited.  Almost as excited as when I first held a copy of my print book in my hands or the first time I  found it at BarnesContinue reading “Celebrating the Small Things: 1st eBook Sale”