The Importance of Rest

This was originally posted as a part of my Healthy Living A-Z series and was title R is for rest. I am re posting it here because I think it is a reminder we could all use. No matter how hard we try we cannot ignore the need of body, mind and spirit for rest.Continue reading “The Importance of Rest”

Fighting Against or Living For?

Genie’s Note: This is an update of a post from 2017 that is just as relevant today. Although written specifically about healthy living, it had and continues to have broader applications, especially in light of COVID and the political and religious turmoil in our world. Over six years ago Bob and I moved to the lake. Continue reading “Fighting Against or Living For?”

Egg Substitutes

People avoid eggs for many different reasons. These may include food allergies, needing to cut down on cholesterol, being vegan and not eating animal products as well as concerns about salmonella. If you avoid eggs for any reason, there are alternatives available. First you need to know what you want the egg to do.  Eggs serveContinue reading “Egg Substitutes”

Living Changed Pt. 2 and Free Book Day

Yesterday I talked about how making changes can be easier than living with them.  Today I want to talk to those who may be feeling forced to make changes for health reasons that you really don’t want to make.   Maybe your doctor says you have to lose weight.  Or that special diet to treat orContinue reading “Living Changed Pt. 2 and Free Book Day”

The Secret to Cooking Good Healthy Food

Last year a culinary instructor named Todd Mohr gave a free webinar on how to cook like a chef.  It was not what I expected.  Instead of talking about all the “secrets” and difficult recipes we think professional chefs know he talked about how home cooks make things too difficult.  The focus of his webinar wasContinue reading “The Secret to Cooking Good Healthy Food”

National Family Health History Day

Yes today is Thanksgiving for those of the U.S. but Thanksgiving Day is also National Family Health History Day.  Think about it for a minute and it makes perfect sense.  While you have everybody together is a great time to learn more about your family health history.  My brother and his wife and Bob andContinue reading “National Family Health History Day”

Fighting Against or Living For?

Two and a half years ago Bob and I moved to the lake.  At first it was “paradise.”  Then some major changes around here brought us back to reality and reminded us that life has its challenges and people are people no matter where you live. The biggest challenge for me has been staying young and healthyContinue reading “Fighting Against or Living For?”

Eat Well to Live Well

I used to hang out online with people who were trying to be live frugally.  I always thought I could pinch a penny till it squealed, but some of these people were extreme in their methods as well as the beliefs that were driving them to save as much and spend as little as possible. Continue reading “Eat Well to Live Well”