Cats as Healers

I know cats are healers. If you have ever had a cat snuggle up to you when you were sick or found yourself relaxed to the point of falling asleep with a purring cat on your lap you know what I mean. But according to The 7 Healing Powers of Cat Purrs from the TailsContinue reading “Cats as Healers”

Making the Church Fellowship Hour Healthier

In many churches Sunday morning fellowship hour means coffee, some sort of sweet drink and doughnuts with nothing for those with special needs.  Stewardship includes keeping our bodies healthy and including people rather than excluding or inadvertently leaving them out.  Keeping this in mind let’s consider these points. 1. It isn’t about food. The purposeContinue reading “Making the Church Fellowship Hour Healthier”

My Gluten Free Life

I recently wrote a little bit of my personal gluten free story for a Squidoo Lens called Living the Gluten Free Good Life.  On June 12, 2013 it was Lens of the Day on Squidoo as well as receiving a Purple Star award.  I am very happy for this opportunity to reach a broader audienceContinue reading “My Gluten Free Life”

Those Heart Attack Symptoms for Women

When those lists of heart attack symptoms in women started coming out many of us were confused and overwhelmed. I know I was. The list was vague and could be attributed to things much less serious than a heart attack. As a woman who over the years had been told not to worry when IContinue reading “Those Heart Attack Symptoms for Women”

I Aspire to be a Giant Squid

No, not the sea creature. Bob was recently forced into retirement. This was totally unexpected and earlier than we had planned.  So I am taking on more projects to bring in extra income. One of them is  Squidoo. Don’t worry, Espirational will stay as it is.  When I started this blog I was determined to keep it non-commercial. Continue reading “I Aspire to be a Giant Squid”

Preventing Heart Disease

Earlier this month I wrote about women and heart disease.  It’s not just a “guy thing.” But I want to encourage everyone to take care of their heart. These are a few ways to help prevent heart disease: 1. Eat a heart-healthy diet low in fat, cholesterol and salt and rich in fruits, vegetables, wholeContinue reading “Preventing Heart Disease”

Heart Disease: It’s not just a “guy thing.”

Would you be surprised to know the #1 cause of death for women is heart disease?  It kills about 12 times more women annually than breast cancer.  For years we believed heart disease was a “guy thing.”  Now we know better. Unfortunately, the medical profession has been slow in  providing up to date, accurate informationContinue reading “Heart Disease: It’s not just a “guy thing.””

Seasonal Healthy Eating/Money Saving Tip

It’s fresh cranberry season!  Associated  with the holidays because they are only available from October to December, they are full of wonderful nutrients.  In addition to being fat free, cholesterol free, gluten free, sodium free and a good source of vitamin C and fiber, they also contain antioxidants and may help prevent urinary tract infections.Continue reading “Seasonal Healthy Eating/Money Saving Tip”