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Cool Smoothies for a Hot Summer: The Blueberry Breeze

We are having an extremely hot summer here in Oklahoma. Spending as much time as possible trying to stay in and stay cool. I will be making these for us tonight. Thought the recipe was worth a reblog. Enjoy!

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February Follower of the Month: Carrie of Gluten Free Fabulous

Our February Follower of the Month is Carrie of Gluten Free Fabulous.  She is sharing her asparagus salad recipe with us.  Carrie has a great attitude and wonderful recipes using lots of fresh seasonal ingredients.  You will want to visit her even if you don’t eat gluten free.

Asparagus Salad

asparagus salad

I’ve always liked asparagus, however I either grill it – or broil it. I wanted to find a way to have it raw and taste delicious, and I’m quite happy with how this turned out! It’s fresh, simple and healthy. Asparagus is packed full of vitamin K, and fiber. After switching to a gluten free diet I had to become more aware of fiber and where I was getting it from. The bell pepper adds vitamin C and vitamin A, and adds some great flavor.

1 bunch of asparagus, thinly sliced
1/4 of a red onion finely diced
1 red bell pepper, diced
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
salt and pepper, to taste
olive oil
feta cheese, to taste

Wash and remove the bottom of the asparagus stems. Thinly slice the stalks and the tips and place into a large bowl. Dice up the red pepper, removing the seeds, and add to the bowl. Dice up the onion real fine, and add to the bowl. Sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper on top and add the red wine vinegar, and a bit of olive oil (I used about 2 tablespoons) combining well. When plating add the feta cheese and a bit more salt, pepper, olive oil if you like.

Makes 2-3 large salads or 4-6 side salads. Feel free to skip the feta for a dairy free salad.

About the Author:  After finding out I was gluten intolerant I had to relearn how to cook for myself and for my family. I cook meals inspired from all over the globe while supporting my local and organic farmers as much as possible. Filling your body with good healthy food nourishes not just your body but your mind as well. I love big flavors and food full of taste that’s fun.  Stop by and say “Hi” to Carrie at http://carriegf.wordpress.com/

I Aspire to be a Giant Squid

Giant squid bathtub
Giant squid bathtub (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No, not the sea creature. Bob was recently forced into retirement. This was totally unexpected and earlier than we had planned.  So I am taking on more projects to bring in extra income. One of them is  Squidoo.

Don’t worry, Espirational will stay as it is.  When I started this blog I was determined to keep it non-commercial.  That is why my online money making activities are based outside this blog. I may from time to time mention something else I am doing.  If you want to check these out, that would be great, but there is no pressure.

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