Cool Smoothies for a Hot Summer: The Blueberry Breeze

Copyright 2013 by RA Robbins This dairy free smoothie gets its creamy texture from frozen bananas. If your fruit is not frozen, you will need to add ice cubes to your smoothie. This will make it a little icy, but it does work. But how healthy is this smoothie? Blueberries are very high in antioxidants…

February Follower of the Month: Carrie of Gluten Free Fabulous

Our February Follower of the Month is Carrie of Gluten Free Fabulous.  She is sharing her asparagus salad recipe with us.  Carrie has a great attitude and wonderful recipes using lots of fresh seasonal ingredients.  You will want to visit her even if you don’t eat gluten free. Asparagus Salad I’ve always liked asparagus, however I eitherContinue reading “February Follower of the Month: Carrie of Gluten Free Fabulous”

I Aspire to be a Giant Squid

No, not the sea creature. Bob was recently forced into retirement. This was totally unexpected and earlier than we had planned.  So I am taking on more projects to bring in extra income. One of them is  Squidoo. Don’t worry, Espirational will stay as it is.  When I started this blog I was determined to keep it non-commercial. Continue reading “I Aspire to be a Giant Squid”