Prevention and Treatment of Disease

“The main weapons in the prevention and treatment of disease and human carelessness will probably always be food and exercise.” – Dr. Blake F. Donaldson

The Secret to Cooking Good Healthy Food

Several years ago a culinary instructor named Todd Mohr gave a free webinar on how to cook like a chef.  It was not what I expected.  Instead of talking about all the “secrets” and difficult recipes we think professional chefs know he talked about how home cooks make things too difficult.  The focus of his webinarContinue reading “The Secret to Cooking Good Healthy Food”

Recipes for making the most of what you have

These are some of my favorite recipes and ideas for making the most of what you have.  I’ve been using these while trying to work around not being able to buy certain ingredients.  Thought you might find these helpful to extend the food you have on hand or make do with what you’ve got duringContinue reading “Recipes for making the most of what you have”

Feeding Yourself and Your Family in Uncertain Times

I’ve always tried to keep a small pantry stocked because I don’t like to shop and of course for emergencies.  I add to it as I go along by adding an extra item or two to my grocery orders, especially sale items. Recently I have been reminded of the importance of keeping a pantry stockedContinue reading “Feeding Yourself and Your Family in Uncertain Times”