Have Yourself a Healthy Little Holdiay — Free Book

Today (Dec. 20) only my holiday e-book Have Yourself a Healthy Little Holiday is available free in the Amazon Kindle Store.  Please help yourself to a copy and tell your friends, especially those with food restrictions. If you have read the book please consider leaving an honest review at Amazon.com.  Remember to mention you received aContinue reading “Have Yourself a Healthy Little Holdiay — Free Book”

My Bliss Ball/Power Ball Recipe

I did something different yesterday.  I had a holiday party at my house.  Some of the ladies from the neighborhood came over and we sang carols, made crafts, put on reindeer antlers and of course ate.  It was a fun time. A few people asked for my bliss ball/power ball recipe so I decided toContinue reading “My Bliss Ball/Power Ball Recipe”

A Healthier Holiday Meal That Still Tastes Good

As the holidays approach many of us will start planning holiday meals.  If one of your holiday traditions is spending three days in a “food coma” from overindulging stop and think, is it really worth it?  Is it really enough fun, to make yourself sick over? This year I would like to offer a fewContinue reading “A Healthier Holiday Meal That Still Tastes Good”

Making the Holidays about More than Food

  It often seems everywhere you look during the holidays there is food.  Unfortunately it is often not food that is friendly to those watching what we eat no matter the reason.  You can go through the holidays feeling depressed and angry because of what you can no longer eat or you can come toContinue reading “Making the Holidays about More than Food”

Soup Weather’s On It’s Way

That little nip will soon be in the air and we will be wanting to warm up with a nice bowl of soup.   Bob and I love soup.  At our house soup is homemade.  If you’ve never made your own soup it’s not hard.  Here are a few of my favorite soup recipes or ideas fromContinue reading “Soup Weather’s On It’s Way”

Let’s Have a Holiday Potluck!

Let’s have a holiday potluck.  We can’t share actual food, but we can share recipes for our favorite healthier holiday side dishes and healthy holiday eating tips. Please leave a comment to share a link to your favorite healthier holiday side dish.  You may leave you healthy holiday eating tips in the comment section or as aContinue reading “Let’s Have a Holiday Potluck!”