Recipes for making the most of what you have

Copyright 2013 by R.A. Robbins

These are some of my favorite recipes and ideas for making the most of what you have.  I’ve been using these while trying to work around not being able to buy certain ingredients.  Thought you might find these helpful to extend the food you have on hand or make do with what you’ve got during the pandemic.

Soup — recipes are flexible or you can just use what you have for the types of meat, veggies, grains, etc.  If you have bags of dried lentils, beans or dried peas check for recipes on the bag.  You might also want to read my article on Making Soup from Leftovers.

One of my favorite simple recipes is my Mom’s Potato Soup.

Egg Salad Without Eggs makes a good substitute for egg salad if the stores are out of eggs and you have a can of chickpeas on hand.  If you have mayo you may use it instead of the dressing in the recipe.

For a sweet treat, if you have access to peanut butter you might want to try my Power Balls.

A few of my favorite ways to extend or replace meat include salmon patties or loaf, meatloaf or veggie loaf, stir fry, veggie burgers and let’s not forget casseroles.  Check your recipe files or search online if you need recipes — there are many to be found out there.

I have posted many more recipes here over the years.  Use the search engine on the toolbar to access them.

Happy cooking!


(NOTE FROM BOB: Rogene, your hostess here at has written several cookbooks with foods specially created for those of us with food sensitivities like not being able to have sugar, milk, and gluten. You can review these books at and, if you like, get your own Kindle Web copy to read right on your own computer to help you get creative in your own kitchen.

If you are a member of Kindle Unlimited you can use these cookbooks free; otherwise, we have these books at the low price of only $2.99 each to help everyone out with the current money crunch. Click here to see the list of Rogene Robbins’ books.

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