Throw a Kids Party for Grown Ups

I actually did this a couple of years ago when I hosted a holiday party for my “over age 60” neighbors.  I called it the “kids party” and scheduled it one week before the “adult” open house that served wine and eggnog. There was a sign at the door telling people to leave their worriesContinue reading “Throw a Kids Party for Grown Ups”

Arts and Crafts Day

  Artists can get caught up in competition and the need for “success” as much as anyone.  For me, art has to be fun.  If it stops being fun my inspiration dries up.  It can be a delicate balance. When my work stops being fun I like to play a little by making children’s craftContinue reading “Arts and Crafts Day”

Fun can heal the world

  “When fun gets deep enough, it can heal the world.” —the Oaqui When I decided to do a little tracking on this quote it led me to the world of Bernie De Koven and Deep Fun and A Playful Path.  Bernie has passed, but I’m so glad he brought his sense of fun andContinue reading “Fun can heal the world”

Let’s Play!

When is the last time you actually played?  I’m talking with wild abandon here.  Like a child.  Not worrying about the cares of the world, just having fun. This month let’s play.  Let’s pump our legs on a swing to see how high we can go.  Let’s color outside the lines.  Let’s just have fun.Continue reading “Let’s Play!”