Throw a Kids Party for Grown Ups

I actually did this a couple of years ago when I hosted a holiday party for my “over age 60” neighbors.  I called it the “kids party” and scheduled it one week before the “adult” open house that served wine and eggnog. There was a sign at the door telling people to leave their worriesContinue reading “Throw a Kids Party for Grown Ups”

It Isn’t Always About The Food

Recently a group of ladies met at a restaurant to celebrate a neighbor’s birthday.  It was a bit of a struggle for me to go.  I am  shy and although I may appear to be outgoing, I have to work at it.  But this party was for someone who has been very nice and helpful asContinue reading “It Isn’t Always About The Food”

Celebrating Birthdays without Food

When most people think of birthdays they think of cake. And who doesn’t love cake? When the cake becomes a problem celebrating doesn’t have to end  These are a few of my favorite ways to celebrate without food. * Center the celebration around an activity rather than food.  Swimming, skating or a craft party for children, aContinue reading “Celebrating Birthdays without Food”