It Isn’t Always About The Food

Recently a group of ladies met at a restaurant to celebrate a neighbor’s birthday.  It was a bit of a struggle for me to go.  I am  shy and although I may appear to be outgoing, I have to work at it.  But this party was for someone who has been very nice and helpful as we have been getting settled.

But what if there was nothing I could eat?  I was full of excuses for why I shouldn’t/couldn’t go.  So what did I do?  I looked up the menu for the restaurant online and scouted out what I could probably eat.  I also ate a little before going just in case and I went to the party.

When I got there I discovered  a gluten free menu and gluten free bread.  So I enjoyed a sandwich, something I am rarely able to eat.  Sure I wanted a piece of birthday cake but instead of feeling left out I focused on the look of sheer joy on the honorees face as she enjoyed here sugar free birthday cake — a cake she could eat.

The party was lovely.  The honoree was very surprised and there was good conversation with good people.  I’m glad I went.

Remember it isn’t always about the food.  If we stay away from social gatherings because of what we might not be able to eat, we are missing out on the sharing between friends and family that is the sweet stuff of life.



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2 thoughts on “It Isn’t Always About The Food

  1. I have never been shy but some of my friends are. It is funny but I have noticed my most talented, creative and gifted friends are the most shy! What is that??? I am glad you went. Friends = fun and are so important all through life. ❤


  2. As you say, it’s not “just the food”! The conversation and congeniality are worth ever so much more. So glad you went. I used to find it easier to stay home than attend functions due to shyness) Then my husband died and I accepted that really I had only myself: so I learned to mingle more easily and I love it.


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