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Precious Moments Chapel 2009
Precious Moments Chapel 2009

“And how does peace come? Simple. By accepting who we are and what we have as enough for us. By recognizing and respecting who the other is and what they have as theirs. By finding within ourselves “the pearl of great price,” the richest thing there is in life, the sense of the presence of God who loves and companions us through all the pressures of life.” — Joan Chittister [Source:  “Peace” in Uncommon Gratitude
by Joan Chittister and Rowan Williams (Liturgical Press)]


3 thoughts on “Thought for Today”

  1. Such wise words. We need to get rid of ‘have the want’ and instead ‘want the have’.

    I so love these daily nuggets of wisdom, they encourage us all to think a little more
    and encourage us to improve. Thank you for them all.
    love ~ Cobs. x

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