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Seasonal Healthy Eating/Money Saving Tip

My Fresh Cranberry SauceCopyright 2011 by R.A. Robbins
My Fresh Cranberry Sauce
Copyright 2011 by R.A. Robbins

It’s fresh cranberry season!  Associated  with the holidays because they are only available from October to December, they are full of wonderful nutrients.  In addition to being fat free, cholesterol free, gluten free, sodium free and a good source of vitamin C and fiber, they also contain antioxidants and may help prevent urinary tract infections.

Time to stock up (they freeze nicely).  After the holidays they may be marked down.  I recently bought 6 bags at 2 for $1.

What to do with fresh cranberries?  You can eat them raw, but they are very tart.  You can make cranberry sauce, and of course cranberry nut bread, but they may also be used in savory dishes and stews.  The great thing about cooking with fresh cranberries is you control the sugar.

Copyright 2011 by R.A Robbins
Copyright 2011 by R.A Robbins

My fresh cranberry sauce and pumpkin cranberry bread (with dried cranberries) recipes are in my new ebook, Have Yourself a Healthy Little Holiday, available through Smashwords.

Help with Thanksgiving Cooking Questions

English: Photo showing some of the aspects of ...
English: Photo showing some of the aspects of a traditional US Thanksgiving day dinner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not sure how long to thaw the turkey? Can’t tell if a turkey is gluten free? Have a pumpkin or cranberry question? Need to know how long you can let the Thanksgiving feast safely sit out on the table?

We’ve all had those questions. But don’t worry, there is help. The following are hotline numbers with people waiting to answer your questions.

Butterball Turkey Talkline 800/288-8372 or talkline@butterball.com Available November 1st.

Libby Consumer Hotline 800/854-0374 Available year round for your pumpkin questions.

Ocean Spray Consumer Affairs 800/662-3263 Answers to your cranberry questions available year round.

USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline 888/674-6854 or mphotline.fsis@usda.gov Answers to food safety questions.