Cats as Healers

My two sweeties Copyright 2013 by R.A. Robbins
My two sweeties
Copyright 2013 by R.A. Robbins

I know cats are healers. If you have ever had a cat snuggle up to you when you were sick or found yourself relaxed to the point of falling asleep with a purring cat on your lap you know what I mean. But according to The 7 Healing Powers of Cat Purrs from the Tails Magazine Newsletter the frequency of the vibrations of a cat purr may indeed be medically therapeutic.

Do you have a story about the healing power of cats?

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3 thoughts on “Cats as Healers

  1. Several weeks back I had days in ICU followed by 9 days in a ward. My beloved Aby (Sam Wise) pined for me although he had people who stayed in my home to keep him company. The BEST medicine for me was coming home and having him snuggle up to me and pat my face once I came home……he is the BEST healing for me. We enjoy our quiet times together and his purrs co ordinate with my controlled breathing. Thank god for our cat persons


    1. Hope you are doing better Maureen. I hadn’t seen you around for awhile, was beginning to wonder if something was wrong.

      It’s amazing how concerned our kitties get when we are sick, isn’t it?


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