Fighting Against or Living For?

Genie’s Note: This is an update of a post from 2017 that is just as relevant today. Although written specifically about healthy living, it had and continues to have broader applications, especially in light of COVID and the political and religious turmoil in our world.

Over six years ago Bob and I moved to the lake.  At first it was “paradise.”  Then some major changes around here brought us back to reality and reminded us that life has its challenges and people are people no matter where you live.

The biggest challenge for me has been staying young and healthy in body, mind, and spirit while surrounded by people who are older and believe sickness is an inevitable part of aging. In fact, certain illnesses and major surgeries seem to be badges of honor and rights of passages. Over the years I have dealt with grief and sadness as friends have died.

During this time I have often found myself feeling that I was fighting against negativity, stereotypes of aging, and yes sometimes even people.  It has been hard as people I consider friends have made fun of me for walking and said my healthy diet will not keep me from getting dying so I might as well stop “depriving” myself. I have often talked with Bob about the struggle to maintain my healthy lifestyle.

Then I realized I had it all wrong. Instead of fighting against I should see myself as living for something greater.  Instead of fighting against sickness and negativity I should be living for wellness, light, love and focusing on the positive.  It may seem like a very slight shift but if we look at it closely the difference is huge.

The same applies to life in the wider world.  Are we fighting against the negative forces in the world today or are we living for light, love, peace, acceptance, and creating a better world for all?

What are you fighting against?  How can you flip that into living for something greater? Share your thoughts in the comments section and let’s talk.

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