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Trees without deep roots fall

Storm Damage
Copyright 2019 by R.A. Robbins
Bob and I live in a lakeside senior-mobile home/RV community called Lakewood Village.  A large part of the natural beauty drawing people here is the large trees. But this little piece of heaven where we live is in Oklahoma which means we don’t have dirt, we have largely clay and rock.  As large and, beautiful as our trees are, they don’t have deep roots. Trees actually blow over, root ball and all. This happens from time to time with some damage, but not like it happened when the big storm hit the last week of August this year (2019).


I’m not sure it’s been decided what kind of storm it was but winds were in excess of 100 mph and trees fell.  They fell on houses, cars, across roads, knocking out power and for a while and shutting off our water supply. It took three days just to clear the trees enough that the big trucks could come in to start working.  We are fine. Even with all the damage no one in our community was injured or killed. Bob and I escaped damage for the most part. We tried to stay out of the way and took care of ourselves. Not having i-phones we were forced to go through tech withdrawal, but after the first day, it wasn’t so bad.

But there is a spiritual message in our storm experience.  What I really want to talk about today is what we can do to grow deep roots so that when we are blown about by the winds and storms of life we will not fall.  Just as it takes time for a tree to dig down deep into the soil it takes time to grow spiritual, emotional and physical roots. So what can we do to help those roots grow?

Physical Roots

*Eat healthy, nutritious foods.

*Move.  Get at least some form of moderate exercise every day.  Walking is good.

*Get adequate sleep.

*Take time to rest.  Pushing our bodies and brains beyond their limits sooner or later will result in exhaustion and illness.

Emotional Roots

*Learn to take control of our thoughts.  It’s not what happens to us, but how we think and react to what happens that counts.

*Determining personal beliefs and values will help us live in balance with our true nature.  It will also help us determine our priorities, which is very important in learning how to use the resources of our physical bodies.

Spiritual Roots
*Spend time in silence daily.  This is how we connect to Source.  It is also how we receive guidance.

*Spiritual practice is very important.  Learning and putting into practice the spiritual lessons of the Sacred texts, taught by the great teachers and avatars show us how to live in this world.

I have been sitting with these ideas since the storm, waiting for the right time to share them.  Finally, I realized that the month that we are focusing on being still is a perfect time.

If we do not take care of our physical bodies we will pay with poor health. The same thing applies to our emotional and spiritual being.  Quieting our bodies and minds is an essential part of this. It is not a luxury. It is not laziness. It is not something we can leave out of our day to make more time for work and other activities.

We have to stop saying, “I just don’t have time.” We manage to make time for something we really want to do, don’t we? So, do you want to be strong, healthy, intelligent, spiritual and well-rooted in life?

I know sitting in silence can be uncomfortable.  In the beginning, the mind races, thinking about the other things we “should” be doing. But eventually, we come to a place of stillness and peace where we realize there is nothing more important than this present moment.

This is what we were created for… to realize our oneness with the Creator and all of creation. When we forget that fact that life starts to fall apart and those “trees” in our lives start to topple over.  Take the time to make the effort to grow those deep roots so you can stand in spite of the storms.

Take time to be still and reflective

Copyright 2017 by R.A. Robbins

“The truth is that taking the time to be still and reflective actually increases productivity and gives more joy to what you’re doing when it’s time to take action again.” ― Maria Erving

A sanctuary for our soul

Copyright 2017 by R.A. Robbins
“During our wilderness journey, the Lord offers us spiritual renewal.
He calls us into sacred rest.
It is a safe place of comfort. A peaceful haven. A sanctuary for our soul.” 

Be Still

Have you noticed how busy everyone seems to be?  So caught up in striving for success and perfection many “just don’t have time” to prepare or eat a healthy meal, talk to their children or sometimes even sleep.

This can even extend to our spiritual lives.  We get so caught up looking for God we forget the divine is within us — as close as the air we breathe.  All we have to do is connect.

I believe all this striving and running after success, perfection and even God is the reason for the spiritual sickness we see in this world.  When was the last time you took a minute to take a deep breath, sit in stillness, and just be?  This is important.  This is when we hear from Spirit.  It is also why our dreams are so important.  Sometimes our sleep is the only time Spirit can reach us.

I know we live in a world where taking time to be still is considered a weakness.  People who do this may even be called “lazy.”  But taking time to rest our body, mind, and spirit and listen for guidance from Spirit is actually where we find our true strength.

I will leave you with this reminder from the Jewish/Christian Holy Bible.

mistymorning2-Take Time To-2019



Through an Artist’s Eyes: In the Secret Place

In the Secret Place Copyright 2015 by R.A. Robbins
In the Secret Place
Copyright 2015 by R.A. Robbins

There is a place I sometimes go to in my mind during meditation.   There are times I will find an actual physical place that takes me there instantly.  The Holy Family Shrine near Gretna Nebraska is one of those places.  Situated on a hilltop there is a magnificent view.  I remember sitting in awe during Taize worship there at sunset, watching the sky catch on fire while singing beautiful scriptures and prayers.  The Shrine is also the inspiration for In the Secret Place.  At the actual Shrine the water flows to the Chapel while in my art piece it flows out of it.  The white pieces in the border are printed with scriptures related to stillness and meeting with God.

Be Still

Lake View Copyright 2015 by R.A. Robbins
Lake View
Copyright 2015 by R.A. Robbins
We live in a world where it can be extremely difficult to be still.  Every minute of the day we are being bombarded with external stimuli and constant messages to do more and be more.
     I am blessed with being extremely sensitive to sensory stimuli.  No, it doesn’t always feel like a blessing when I am going into overload with sounds that are too loud, lights too bright and small movements that feel like an earthquake.  Many times it seems there is nowhere to go to escape.  Even many churches have extremely loud music and images flashing on screens.
     The blessing is I know that if I do not find a quiet place to withdraw from the world and go within harm will be done to my body.  We cannot live in a constant state of sensory overload without damage being done.  The sad part if this is many people do not realize this truth.
     Take time throughout the day to find stillness.  Arrive at destinations a little early.  Sit in your quiet car and focus on your breath for a few minutes.  Make time for meditation and slow, gentle focused physical activity.  Escape the noise and busyness of our modern world and just be still.  Your body, mind and spirit will thank you.