Be Still

Have you noticed how busy everyone seems to be?  So caught up in striving for success and perfection many “just don’t have time” to prepare or eat a healthy meal, talk to their children or sometimes even sleep. This can even extend to our spiritual lives.  We get so caught up looking for God weContinue reading “Be Still”

Healthy Living A to Z: I is for Inner Guidance

Inner guidance, also known as inner wisdom, or intuition helps us learn the ways of Spirit, but it also helps us make good decisions and protects us from harm.  But we must listen.  Learning to listen, and interpret information received is not always easy.  We may ignore this gentle nudging expecting the booming audible voiceContinue reading “Healthy Living A to Z: I is for Inner Guidance”

One Size Does Not Fit All

We are bombarded with messages from popular media telling us to do this or not do that. While we would all like to find a perfect one size fits all solution or have someone else tell us how to live, that is not how life works. Life is a journey and we learn the wayContinue reading “One Size Does Not Fit All”