Healthy Living A to Z: I is for Inner Guidance

English: Stile with guidance The two footpaths...
English: Stile with guidance The two footpaths starting at this stile are hardly discernible in the field, so someone has helpfully attached directions to the stile. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Inner guidance, also known as inner wisdom, or intuition helps us learn the ways of Spirit, but it also helps us make good decisions and protects us from harm.  But we must listen.  Learning to listen, and interpret information received is not always easy.  We may ignore this gentle nudging expecting the booming audible voice of God, thunder and lightening or even the physical manifestation of angels.

I experience a vague feeling that something isn’t right.  It has taken years to learn if something doesn’t “feel right” I don’t do it.  Sometimes messages are more direct, but may not be as they seem.  Once I sensed a building was going to collapse.  The building stood but the church meeting there fell apart.

Not listening to inner guidance can have lasting consequences.  I was very angry when a healer told me a major negative event in my life could have been prevented by listening to inner guidance.  But he was right.  When this happens bitterness or anger do no good.  We must accept the consequences, learn the lessons and start listening.

Learning to listen and interpret inner guidance takes time, patience and openness to Spirit.  But remember, help is only a prayer away.

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