The Story Behind “The World’s Gone Crazy”

  All this month we are celebrating the Grand Opening of our Espirational Gallery.  I will be talking about my creative process for a few of my works throughout the month.  I decided to start with The World’s Gone Crazy, but I’m Okay. The Story Behind The World’s Gone Crazy, But I’m Okay. I considerContinue reading “The Story Behind “The World’s Gone Crazy””

All Things Espirational — Let’s Celebrate!

As you may already know, we have expanded the Espirational family online with the opening of All Things Espirational.  The new part of the site has been open awhile, but during the month of June we’re having a big celebration to kick this off.  You won’t want to miss it!: Today June 1st – JuneContinue reading “All Things Espirational — Let’s Celebrate!”

Espirational Happenings for June

The June edition of Espirational Happenings is now live. Each month we post news about the inspirational things going on in our Espirational Family at  We also include links to articles or websites we feel are the best in covering our monthly theme or creative Espirational lifestyle in general. This is new and isContinue reading “Espirational Happenings for June”

Espirational on Facebook

Did you know we have an Espirational Facebook Page?   You do now. Have you seen my Espirational LIve Videos?  They are all on the Facebook Page for you to view at any time. Want to see and hear the real me, giggles and all?  Go watch the videos. Have you liked, followed or shared ourContinue reading “Espirational on Facebook”

Espirational Happenings for May

People don’t seem to be finding their way to Espirational Happenings — the monthly “newsletter in a blog post.”  So let’s try it one more time.  You need to click one of the links to see the whole thing. Reblogged from Welcome to the first official issue of Espirational Happenings! Each month we post newsContinue reading “Espirational Happenings for May”

Living Changed Pt. 2 and Free Book Day

Yesterday I talked about how making changes can be easier than living with them.  Today I want to talk to those who may be feeling forced to make changes for health reasons that you really don’t want to make.   Maybe your doctor says you have to lose weight.  Or that special diet to treat orContinue reading “Living Changed Pt. 2 and Free Book Day”

Fun With Social Media #gfGoodLife

  Today is the beginning of an Espirational social media campaign.  Every day in January there will be a new gf living tip with the hash tag #gfGoodLife.  These will not be posted here, but you can follow them by following Espirational on Twitter (@ItsEspirational),  Facebook (@Espirational),  LinkedIn (Rogene Robbins), or Google+ (Rogene Robbins) I willContinue reading “Fun With Social Media #gfGoodLife”

Have Yourself a Healthy Little Holdiay — Free Book

Today (Dec. 20) only my holiday e-book Have Yourself a Healthy Little Holiday is available free in the Amazon Kindle Store.  Please help yourself to a copy and tell your friends, especially those with food restrictions. If you have read the book please consider leaving an honest review at  Remember to mention you received aContinue reading “Have Yourself a Healthy Little Holdiay — Free Book”

Healthy Little Holiday Tips

From now until at least Christmas you will find daily tips for having a #healthylittleholiday on Twitter and Facebook.  Please check these out and share them. Also don’t forget my holiday book Have Yourself a Healthy LIttle Holiday with healthier gluten, free, dairy free, egg fre and reduced sugar recipes and celebraton ideas is availableContinue reading “Healthy Little Holiday Tips”