All Things Espirational — Let’s Celebrate!

As you may already know, we have expanded the Espirational family online with the opening of All Things Espirational.  The new part of the site has been open awhile, but during the month of June we’re having a big celebration to kick this off.  You won’t want to miss it!:

  • Today June 1st – June 5, receive your free copy of The Revelation of Jesus Christ – Revealed:  Literal Authorized Version from the Amazon Kindle Store.  
  • June 7 – 11 help yourself to the dairy and dairy free ice cream and smoothies. Okay, since this is a virtual event you have to make your own.   But we are providing the recipes with a free day for Rogene’s Book Frozen Fun  on
  • A Gallery Opening with a 20% discount on my artwork during June only.
  • June 12 is the official release of Bob’s new FREE  E-book A Maintenance Manual for the Soul on June 12.  We will be live on Facebook on that day talking about the book.
  • June 26 – 29   enter the drawing for an original, limited edition lithographic print.  The drawing will happen here at

Please tell you friends! We need your help in making this event the success we know it can be.

Don’t worry, my blog (where you are now) and Bob’s will continue with regular posts.  You may notice the navigation bar has changed.  From here you can go directly to Espirational Faith (where Bob hangs out) and Everything Espirational where you will find lots of cool new stuff including an art gallery, bookstore and new monthly newsletter/blog post with Espirational Happenings from our work as well as around the web.  Once you get to All Things Espirational please use the pull down menu to explore a  bit.

We have big plans and high hopes for this to help expand our outreach.  Did I say please tell your friends?  🙂

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