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Espirational Happenings for May

People don’t seem to be finding their way to Espirational Happenings — the monthly “newsletter in a blog post.”  So let’s try it one more time.  You need to click one of the links to see the whole thing.

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Welcome to the first official issue of Espirational Happenings! Each month we post news about what’s going on in the Espirational Family. We also include links to articles or websites we feel are the best in covering our monthly theme or Espirational living in general. This is new and is our monthly “newsletter,” only we do not send it out to you. It will appear here each month. If you want to receive it in your e-mail box, please follow espirational.net (see lower right-hand corner of any of our pages for our follow button).


So What’s Happening?

Espirational.com  —  We are celebrating Older Americans Month at Espirational.com .  Our daily quotes this month … CLICK HERE TO READ MORE