The Story Behind “The World’s Gone Crazy”

  All this month we are celebrating the Grand Opening of our Espirational Gallery.  I will be talking about my creative process for a few of my works throughout the month.  I decided to start with The World’s Gone Crazy, but I’m Okay. The Story Behind The World’s Gone Crazy, But I’m Okay. I considerContinue reading “The Story Behind “The World’s Gone Crazy””

When Life Unravels

Artists have different ways of approaching their work.  Some focus on the basic elements of art, line, shape and form, space, color and texture.  Others choose to concentrate on creating works they think will have the best chance to sell.  Still others are guided by inspiration, to create a thing of beauty or to express emotion,Continue reading “When Life Unravels”

Fabric Art Trunk Show

As you may know I spend a lot of time online visiting blogs and websites of our followers as well as new friends.  I find a lot of interesting people and learn a lot of new things when I go “visiting.” Recently I happened onto an online “trunk show” called Trunk Full of Quilts 2016Continue reading “Fabric Art Trunk Show”

Art Day

I’ve cleared my schedule today for an in studio art day/retreat. Just Spirit, me, art materials and the laptop. I will be studying the artistic and spiritual features of the mandala and hopefully create one — or at least get started. The day began with sunrise meditation on the dock — it was beautiful! ComingContinue reading “Art Day”

The World’s Gone Crazy…

… but I’m okay.  When the world seems to be going crazy around us it is important to remember that we live in the light, love and protection or God. Today I’m going to do something I don’t usually do.  I’m going to talk a bit about the inspiration for and creation of one of myContinue reading “The World’s Gone Crazy…”

Happy Holidays and art celebrations from The Robbins

Hi Everyone, and   HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Have I got news for you. “Gates of Heaven” by Rogene A. Robbins; Mixed Media Fabric Art  — Available at Espirational Creations at half price (+shipping) with code. Genie has added many of her original fabric art pieces to our online retail store which we are now calling Espirational Creations, Continue reading “Happy Holidays and art celebrations from The Robbins”

The View from my Studio: The Walkers

Bob and I recently decided to work with Espirational as our “brand” so to speak.  That means my art blog is now closed.  We now have (this blog) and (Bob’s blog).  I will be talking about my art under the topic header of The View from my Studio. I don’t sit in my studioContinue reading “The View from my Studio: The Walkers”

The World’s Gone Crazy…

… but I’m okay.  That’s the name of this art quilt.   I love crazy quilts.  I have made some very “properly Victorian” looking ones, but sometimes I go a little “crazy” pardon the pun.  The crazy quilt is a great vehicle for all kinds of social, political and personal commentary. If we surround ourselvesContinue reading “The World’s Gone Crazy…”