Saying YES to Love and NO to Fear: Part 2

Scriptures and holy books may be used for both good and evil.  We see the words from sacred texts of different faiths and traditions being used to justify hatred and killing and to instill fear and even push followers toward violent action.  But these same texts also inspire goodness, holiness, love, grace and peace. So what are we toContinue reading “Saying YES to Love and NO to Fear: Part 2”

Saying YES to Love and NO to Fear — Part 1

Everyone’s biggest enemy in the world right now is fear.  It is the cause of increased  isolation, the planned closing of borders, and citizens arming themselves.  We are turning against each other out of fear.  We are making irrational decisions out of fear.  We are blindly following leaders who are fanning the flames of fearContinue reading “Saying YES to Love and NO to Fear — Part 1”

I Can See Clearly Now

This has been a favorite song of mine for a long time.  Last year I had a new experience with this song as a way to end a church service.  We were circled up around the chairs and as we sang we moved to the music, smiled at each other and even giggled a little. Continue reading “I Can See Clearly Now”

A Favorite Book of Mine

One of my favorite books is Feel the Fear and do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers Ph.D.  Although it was first published in 1987 and Dr. Jeffers passed in 2012 this book and workshops based on it are still going strong and helping people today.  I bought a copy in 1990 after moving halfway acrossContinue reading “A Favorite Book of Mine”

Remember our Positive Resources Page

This seems to be a good time to remind everyone about our 101+ Positive Resources page.  These resources were personally selected by me.   I have been through the list repeatedly to make sure these are resources that our readers will be able to use and that all links are still working.  I am still adding appropriate materials asContinue reading “Remember our Positive Resources Page”