A Favorite Book of Mine

One of my favorite books is Feel the Fear and do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers Ph.D.  Although it was first published in 1987 and Dr. Jeffers passed in 2012 this book and workshops based on it are still going strong and helping people today.  I bought a copy in 1990 after moving halfway across the state to take my “dream job” only to have it turn into a nightmare.  I not only read the book, I did the work.  I stopped watching the news and reading the newspaper.  I wrote out affirmations and posted them on the bulletin board above my desk.  I even started listening to positive books on tape as I drove to and from work.  And you know what?  It worked.  This book showed me that I could be afraid but keep moving.  It also started me on the journey toward living a positive lifestyle.  Before that I was a rather negative person.  I didn’t change overnight and I am still a work in progress but I am so grateful that Dr. Jeffers wrote this book and persisted in her attempts to get it published.  Thank you Susan!  You are missed.

Thanks to a new program from Amazon.com you can now read a sample by clicking HERE.  Our ID is embedded in the link so we will receive credit if you purchase the book.


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