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Over the next six months we will be releasing a new Kindle book and updating  our existing ones.  We are really excited about Bob’s new Kindle edition of  Revealed! This is a series of books which will be an updated edition of a print book called What the Righteous Desire to See, privately published and copyrighted in 1988. I’m sure our readers will want to read this series on the interpretation of Biblical allegories and prophecy which represents over 20 years of research.  The first two books in the series teach the method Jesus taught to understand the figurative language of parables and prophecy and  include a glossary or small dictionary of some of the more commonly used terms found in the Holy Bible. They will be available on Kindle this Summer.
I am also updating my existing Kindle books.  In celebration of Celiac Disease Awareness Month a new update of The Gluten Free Good Life will be released this month (May 2016). Frozen Fun (with a new section on smoothies) will be up on Kindle in June or July for summer’s hot days. An updated version of Have Yourself a Healthy Little Holiday will be released in the Fall, in time for the holiday season.
As you might guess we are very busy around here, working hard to get this done.
And now we have a very important request to you, our readers. We don’t do this very often, but we need to ask you for your help in promoting these Kindle books.  We use our writing to try to bring in money to help with our retirement living expenses and promoting a successful aging lifestyle.  Unfortunately, our efforts in that direction have not been what it needs to be if we are going to help very many people.
So how can you help?
  1. First you can share with us online marketing ideas you have successfully used.  We would love to hear your experiences. If anyone of you know how to be a professional internet marketer, and would want to help us promote our works and services on a “wealth sharing” (commission) basis please contact us.
  2. Next, you can help by re-blogging the articles we will be posting to announce the release of the individual books.  We know our readers already re-blog many of our articles and we appreciate it greatly.
  3. You can mention Espirational in your Social Networks. Your tweets, pins, Facebook mentions and other forms of Social Networking do help and are appreciated.
  4. If you would be interested in a guest blog post from Bob or I on a topic related to the books  or something you’ve seen on one of our blogs, please let us know.
  5. Finally, if you have purchased or read any of our e-books and found them helpful please leave a review on Amazon or you may even considered writing a review for your blog.
Please leave a comment below or use the contact form on the Contact Us page with any ideas, suggestions or if you are interested in a guest post or a reviewing a book.  Thank you.

We love comments! Thank you!

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