I Should Embroider That on a Sampler

Sometimes I will run across a quote that makes me think to myself, I should embroider that on a sampler.  Sometimes I do.  In fact I have several hanging around the house.  The Serenity Prayer hangs in my studio. So why put these up around the house and why embroidery?  Why not just buy aContinue reading “I Should Embroider That on a Sampler”

An Affirmation for Today

I AM a walking example of God’s Love. Affirmations are positive statements that describe how you want things to be.  Repeat affirmations often and they begin to work on the subconscious mind bringing it to positive action.  They must be repeated with attention, interest, faith and desire to be effective. So, today let’s focus on theContinue reading “An Affirmation for Today”

My Gluten Free Life

I recently wrote a little bit of my personal gluten free story for a Squidoo Lens called Living the Gluten Free Good Life.  On June 12, 2013 it was Lens of the Day on Squidoo as well as receiving a Purple Star award.  I am very happy for this opportunity to reach a broader audienceContinue reading “My Gluten Free Life”